Thursday, 31 October 2013

Lou Reed.

Lewis Allen "Lou" Reed : March 2, 1942 - October 27, 2013.
"Had he accomplished nothing else, his work with the Velvet Underground in the late Sixties would assure him a place in anyone's rock & roll pantheon; those remarkable songs still serve as an articulate aural nightmare of men and women caught in the beauty and terror of sexual, street and drug paranoia, unwilling or unable to move. The message is that urban life is tough stuff—it will kill you; Reed, the poet of destruction, knows it but never looks away and somehow finds holiness as well as perversity in both his sinners and his quest. . . . [H]e is still one of a handful of American artists capable of the spiritual home run." - Rolling Stone, 1975.

Halloween 2013.

Esther, my dear, you know we all love you're freaking us out with that face mask. Move aside Jason, Michael. Esther is heeeeerrrreee (insert creepy song). Trick or Treat?! Anyway, we don't "celebrate" Halloween in the Tropics ( we got that covered with Qing Ming/All Soul's Day) but happy Halloween anyhoo. And I think Dylan ran off to hide from Esther somewhere in the house after taking the pics above.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

ThreeA - Popbot : Tomorrow King Nage.

A (mis) interpretation:

Category: Mass production replicants.
Model type: The Tomorrow Kings - GEN 3.0.
Unit type: Ranger.
ID: Nage.
Rank: Shatei.
Manufacturer: The Luthor Bean Jr. Corporation.
Incept date: 9th May 1994.
Serial no.: TKG03MAC09051994. 
Longevity: 4 years.
Function: Close assault / reconnaissance.
Physical level: A.
Mental level: C.
Abilities : Panzer Kunst - anti-armour martial art; Kusarigamajutsu - weapon martial art; superhuman physiology.
Std. armaments : Monomolecular-edged kusarigama x 2; monomolecular-edged katana x 2; krak grenade x 8; Ion Cyclotron glove x 2.

The Nage series of Tomorrow Kings are an elite groups of the Luthor Bean Jr's replicants whom are created for the recon missions, direct assaults and more importantly, personal recovery of important genetic materials from fallen brothers and sisters in the battle fields of the Underverse, a Warp rift where the Immaterium and realspace overlap. With the imminent failure of the DNA Organ machine, resulting in increasing random mutation or non functioning of the existing gene-seeds, Luthor has no choice but to harvest the progenoid glands from dead TKs and TQs. The gland is important because it contains the DNA  which could be used to artificially culture new gene seeds. Each Nage TK is equipped with a pair of kusarigama. In a confrontation, the kusari, the chain attached to the handle of the curved blade known as kama, is swung in wide sweeping arcs to distract/entangle the opponent and the kama is used to deliver a fatal strike against the Mortis titans. They are also further equipped with an additional pair of katana and Ion Cyclotron power gloves plus several krak grenades.
TKlub's second fig, Nage M.I.A. aka TK Ranger aka Underverse Sleeper (?) arrived. Comes armed with a pair of kusarigama, an ancient Japanese weapon, sickle-like, with chain attached on the handle. Nage or "throw" in Japanese, like all TKs (and TQs) is a mystery. There're additional pair of katana, eight smoke grenades. And...that's about it.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Always With Me (いつも何度でも) - Youmi Kimura (木村 弓).

The classic, evergreen closing theme song from Hayao Miyazaki's 2001, Spirited Away (千と千尋の神隠し), "Always With Me" (いつも何度でも, literally, "Always, No Matter How Many Times") was written and performed by Youmi Kimura (木村 弓), a composer and lyre-player from Osaka. The lyrics were written by Kimura's friend Wakako Kaku. The song was intended to be used for Rin the Chimney Painter (煙突描きのリン), a different Miyazaki film which was never released. The song is about finding inner peace, which Miyazaki finds fit perfectly with his coming of age of story of a girl who finds her inner strength.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Olive Tree / 橄欖樹.

The Olive Tree (橄欖樹) is a classic Mandarin song that is sung by Taiwanese artist Chyi Yu (齊豫) from her 1979 debut album. It is used as the opening song of a film from the same year, "Your Smiling Face" (歡顏). The film launched Hu Hui Chong's movie career just as the song itself launched Chyi Yu's recording career.
The English version sung by Hong Kong artist, Sally Yeh (葉蒨文) is ironically also from her very first album in 1980, when she was just 18 years old.
The words of Olive Tree were written by the famous, late Sanmao (三毛), a well-travelled and greatly-admired Taiwanese author. She died tragically in 1991, via suicide, having just written the screenplay for "Red Dust" which won 8 Golden Melody Awards. Her popularity led to intense speculations during those period pertaining to the circumstances which made her took her own life.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Google Malaysia Hacked By 1337.

Plugged into the Net this evening and this came up. Link appears to be broken. Checking via other channels, realised that the search engine has been hacked by well known Pakistani Hacker with the code name 1337 from Team Madleets. 1337 is said to be a well known hacker for many big hacks like this in the past. It seems that the method used in this attack was DNS Hijacking where the hacker has managed to hack the Domain Registrar and replaced the ip with it's own server.
Accordingly, there is no reason behind this hack.
This is the message on the defaced page:


H4x0r HuSY - KhantastiC HaXor - H4x0rL1f3 - InvectuS - Shadow008 - r00x - Don - MindCracker - Dr.Z0mbie - phpBuGz - MaD GirL 
MaDCoDe - Sn!p3r_GS - DeXter - Neo Haxor - Darksnipper - Pain006 - b0x - R3DL0F - Sahrawi - 3thicaln00b - Hmei7 - MakMan - Sniffer - AL.MaX HaCkEr - Ch3rn0by1
| |

Pakistan Zindabad

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Auntie Lily and Uncle David.

Aunt Lily and Uncle Dave dropped by for a long overdue visit from Down Under for about two weeks. Promised them to bring the family over next year. See how it goes.