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ThreeA - Adventure Kartel : Cold Merde.

Cold hands, cold heart.
Adventure first, adventure second.

A (mis) interpretation :

Name : Arnaud Mission.
Alias : Merde.
Age : 65 years old.
Affiliation : Special Activities Division "Medusa" - Terra Military Intelligence Bureau; Founder of various cults of the dark arts.
Std. armaments : .25 semi-automatic pistol x 9; Various magic objects and mystic items.
Abilities : Magical energy manipulation; Daemon sorcerer physiology; Expert hand to hand combatant; Master strategist and tactician; Weaponry expert; Multi-linguist; Cyber-warfare expert; Stealth; Cunningness; Deception.

2001, Stretto di Messina, Mesogeios sub-sector. A severely injured Bleak Mission stands and watches as Charybdis the Maelstrom, of which realspace and The Warp bleeds into one another, swallows his father Arnaud, whom had attempted to invoke a powerful sorcery to bring about the End of Time, following an intense personal battle of magic and sorcery between father and son before Bleak prevails. For killing his own biological father, Bleak escapes with Custard to the Isle of Avallone to avoid the Furies, before ending his exile to return to realspace upon the outbreak of the Robot Island War and Arnaud's return from The Warp.
Arnaud is the son of Richard "Dick" Mission, and an aristocratic mother, Lady Delacroix, of the Canton de Vaud. His birth is considered illegitimate, as Lady Delacroix, though separates from her husband, is still legally married. The young Arnaud spends much of his early life abroad, becoming multilingual because of his father's work as a Rothchild's armaments company representative. He is orphaned at the age of 11 when his father is killed in a mountain climbing accident in the Aiguilles Rouges near Chamonix.
Arnaud then lives with his aunt, Charmaine "Charm" Mission in Albion City, Europa. Upon completion of his early education, Arnaud is initiated by Charmaine into the Cult of Osiris, an underground occult society. He learns about occultism, mysticism and arts of magic from the Elders of the society. After Charmaine's death at 80 due to pneumonia, Arnaud volunteers to join the Terra Coalition Armed Forces, highly consider to be a suicidal career of choice. His excels in his military career, gains many accolades and awards of valour, which is rare in the Great War. Recognising his capability, Arnaud is sent to join one of the elite commando units, The Uncle 5. He serves in all theatres of war from the Arctic Circle to Eurasia and from Middle East to Indo China sub-sectors. Their operations ranged from small groups of men landing from the sea or by drop pods to a brigade of assault troops spearheading the Coalition Army counter-attacks of Ecclesiarchy's occupied sectors of Eurasia and Eastasia.
Later, Arnaud is recruited into the Terra Military Intelligence Bureau (MIB), formed to conduct espionage, sabotage and reconnaissance in occupied Eurasia, Eastasia, Republic of Middle East and United Kingdom of Afrika against the Ecclesiarchy of Mars forces, and to aid local resistance movements. He enters into a relationship with a leader of the Siam sub-sector resistance movements, resulting in a son, whom Arnaud named William. A "friendly fire" incident kill both his lover and son. Unbeknownst to him, William survives. Having nothing left to live for, Arnaud goes to Saigon and, under the careful guidance of Alexan Crowley, ends up training for the "Medusa" Special Activities Division. Upon completion of his training, Arnaud is deployed as a highly trained assassin for a variety of missions all involving lethal action. He completes his missions mechanically, without knowledge of his subjects' identities or the crimes they had allegedly committed.
Initially, Medusa was designed to infiltrate parts of Northern Nam Viet, and kill suspected members of the Ecclesiarchy and its collaborators. Medusa was considered an assassination team or death squad. Each member of Medusa is handsomely paid for their works. Later, Medusa widens their scope of initiatives which include political covert actions and paramilitary black operations. Arnaud successes include the cryptanalytic effort for interception and decryption of foreign communications by hacking through the firewalls of Merlin using the Fata Morgana programme, extensive "double-cross" system to feed misleading intelligence and imagery intelligence activities conducted by the West Bromwich's Photographic Reconnaissance Unit (PRU) Corps. When MIB itself is compromised by double-agents of the Ecclesiarchy known as the Albion Five, it is Arnaud whom successfully flush them out and terminate them with extreme prejudice. He also infiltrates the Rothchild Corporation and M.O.D. faction, gathering confidential information on them for Medusa. Arnaud directly involves in majority of political coup d'état and assassinations.
After the embarrassment of the Venlo Incident, Arnaud ousted Crowley as the commander of Medusa. He re-organises it, and runs it with an iron fist. He became well known for his ruthlessness, his disregard for orders, and his disturbing success rate on his missions. His life is slowly consumed by his leadership in Medusa. Members of Medusa by then consist of rogue operatives and criminals.
Arnaud lives in a nightmarish world where laws are written at the point of a gun, like a wild beasts to be able to kill without thinking. It was part of his profession to kill people. It was his duty to be as cool about death as a surgeon. He once commented, 'If it happened, it happened. Regret was unprofessional—worse, it was a death-watch beetle in the soul.'
Arnaud has a dark, rather cruel good looks with cold eyes. He is known for his womanising ways, practises tantric sex and made love to them with cold passion. Arnaud is extremely prejudiced against gays, opining that homosexuals were "a herd of unhappy sexual misfits – barren and full of frustrations, the women wanting to dominate and the men to be nannied", adding that "he was sorry for them, and has no time for them." As a highly paid secret agent, Arnaud leads an extravagant lifestyle of which 99.9% of Terra population could not even dream off. An alcoholic, Arnaud is known to consume an average of 40 to 60 drinks during an operation consisting of exquisite and expensive wines, whiskies, beers and others. For his non-alcoholic drinks Arnaud eschews tea, calling it "mud". He instead prefers to drink coffee. He eats extravagantly, and smokes heavily, on an average of 80 sticks of King Size Chesterfield a day. Arnaud carries his cigarettes in a wide platinum cigarette case which carries 50; he also uses a custom gold plated Ronson lighter. He occasionally supplements his alcohol consumption with the use of other drugs, for both functional and recreational reasons such as amphetamine benzedrine accompanied by champagne. Arnaud also uses the drug for stimulation on missions, or remaining awake and alert when threatened.
Arnaud is a formidable hand to hand combatant and always "go straight for the jugular" without wasting time on his opponents. He can take a huge amount of physical punishment and despite his opulent lifestyle, possesses extraordinary endurance and stamina. He is also an accomplished marksman, once earned a reputation as "the greatest small-arms expert in the world". He often uses improvised weapons, using tactical improvisation and proficient with evasive protocols. Mentally, Arnaud is a very quick-thinking, linear type of person who moves quickly and brutally towards his goal, as well as knowing how to remain "off the grid" from his enemies. He also shows an immediate ability to utilize lateral thinking to solve problems. He is considered to be a master strategist and tactician, from experience, and highly manipulative and deceptive to the point of being devious. After his behavioural modification as part of his training, Arnaud has zero empathy and conscience. He would not hesitate to kill women or children to complete his assigned mission. He would employ brutal torture on suspect abducts via extraordinary rendition programme.
Arnaud secretly practises occultism and magic skills while not on mission. He hides his abilities and knowledge on the occults and mysticism well, and rarely uses his equally formidable magic skills during combat or confrontation. When he assumes the leadership of Medusa, Arnaud uses the alias Jimmy Bourne to channel the slush funds from secret arms trades to establish various occult sub-organisations link to the Cult of Osiris. For this purpose, Arnaud wants to ultimately reverse the effect of the Age of Enlightenment which brings about the dominance of science and technology.
His downfall begins when he learns that he is suffering from a terminal cancer. For someone whom once kill his way across the Indochina to terminate a double agent, Arnaud is ironically afraid of death. Through Baron Seth von Sydow, Arnaud obtains the Book of Lorgar, which blood inscribed canticles on pages made from human skins contain the passage to ascension as a daemon prince. He nearly succeed, until being foiled at the very last minute by his own son, William "Bleak" Mission. But by then Arnaud has lost all his compassion and without a shred of humanity. Disowning Bleak there and then, both father and son fight each other using physical and magic abilities ferociously. Bleak is outfought and outsmarted by Arnaud. Bleak finally casts aside his own hope for reconciliation and redemption for his father, and unleashed a mighty spell which breaks Arnaud, causing him to fall into the yawning Maelstrom, Charybdis before closing the portal with his final ounce of strength.
Arnaud is physically torn apart within The Warp instantaneously, but his soul remains and is enslaved by a Greater Daemon believes to be Šulak the Lurker. He succeed in convincing the Lurker in a nefarious plan to spread discord, influence of Chaos and restoring the Kingdom of the Ruinous Powers in return for him to be re-instated on realspace. With his soul as guarantee, Arnaud returns, now with even greater sorcerous powers as daemonic bloods flow through his body and mind. He is now referred to as "Merde" i.e. The Shite by Bleak Mission for all his "shit-stirring activities" across Terra on behalf of his daemonic master. Arnaud "Merde" Mission's feeling is mutual towards Bleak. It is a matter of time before the two clashes again, perhaps for the very last time.
This is the ready made, surprise drop 3A Bambaland version of the Taiwan's retailer Beast Kingdom 3A Toy Show exclusive Merde Mission, called Cold Mission after great demand from 3A fans to Ash to make it available through the online store. Differences are the disappearance of pencil moustache, possibly denoting a younger version, and colour way in line with snow theme, like the Hard Nipple War set starring Cold Dick Mission, Flakey Lil Shadow and Snow Paw Custard, which thankfully, due to the whitish hair of Merde, doesn't suffer from dandruff like effect of the set :) All I know of Merde, which means, er, "shit" in French, is that he is father of Bleak and Tommy's the grandson of course. The figure is nicely done, except I don't like the finishing on the 9 pistols and the Velcro straps don't hold the pistol holsters nicely. I re-imagine Merde as a secret agent with mage like powers, taking liberty of information from write up on this figure by 3A, Wiki on James Bond and Jason Bourne, as well as WH40k from Games Workshop.

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ThreeA - The Adventures of Isobelle Pascha : Dark Side of Her Moon.

A (mis) interpretation:

Name: Unknown.
Alias: Isobelle Pascha.
Age: Unknown.
Affiliation: The Nymphs.
Abilities: Lust inducement; Love manipulation; Pleasure inducement; Hormone manipulation; Pheromone manipulation; Semi-immortality.
Std. Armaments: None.

The nymphs have always been around, divine spirits occasionally taking forms of mortals to seek pleasures of the flesh. Long inhabiting the mountains, seas and forests of the Old World, ensnaring unsuspected travellers of both sexes, they currently resides amongst the humans, within the hive cities and towns of concrete jungles instead. They are proponents of sexual pleasures and extremely amorous in nature. Many cults are founded by or through association with them. The Libertine Movement and the Neo Dionysian Mysteries are amongst them. Nymphs have been historical deemed as a neutral, though the wise ones would stay clear of them. They are spirits associated with Nature, and can induce sexual arousal in others to make them lustful and crave sexual interaction. This power may work with both genders, their sexual interest and people of any age. Those whom possesses indomitable will, apathy or seduction immunity are protected from them. Some empaths could also negate a nymph power as well as, although incredibly rare, those with different sexual preference. 
One of the most famous nymphs of the modern age is Isobelle Pascha. As one of the highly regarded adult movie actresses and erotic literature writers, Isobelle holds the record for winning most awards in the adult film industry as well as the first erotic literature to win the Pulitzer, the highly regarded Funhigh in Shanghai, Baby which is said to be semi-autobiographical. Amongst her box office, record breaking hit releases include her debut, The Euro Nymph (which follows Isobelle around Europa on a series of pleasure seeking "adventures"), followed by The Easter Nymph Cumback Special, It's The Gay Paree, Merci Beaucoup! (controversial amongst the French for the infamous act involving Isobelle and the reconstructed Eiffel Tower), The Cocktail Incident, Wanpi (調皮), a movie adaptation of Funhigh, and Funkake In Fukuoka. Isobelle and her friends are a frequent patron of the SXCLB in New Andria. The SXCLB Entertainment Enterprise incidentally funds the production of all Isobelle and her friends films, as well as the copyrights, percentage of distribution and merchandising rights. Isobelle was filming her latest movie, the sequel to the F*** Mission In Space (F.M.I.S.) which was billed as the first adult film to be done entirely in zero gravity, called the Dark Side of Her Moon, when production issues cropped up during Act 5, due to a cluster of space debris striking through the hull of the filming set, killing all the crews, including director Remus Ho and lead actor, Long John Sliver. The latter died a particularly gruesome death, as his legendary genital got sucked and stuck into a hole the size of a coin, and he was literally disembowelled and eviscerated inside out into the vacuum of space outside through that hole. His much prized "asset", insured for several millions but unable to claim due to the Rothchild Insurance Co. saying that it is "an act of God incident", was painstakingly restored to its former glory. It was sold for a record breaking amount of money during a charity auction at Kristy's. Isobelle is saved by the Dead Astronaut Gangsta, the space jockey/rouge trader/mercenary on routine orbital run broadcasting from his radio station, Radio Free Dada shuttle upon receiving an order from Lady Shadow. F.M.I.S. : Dark Side of Her Moon was eventually shot using handheld cameras by the Dead Gangsta, whom was promised a percentage of profit, featuring improvising acts involving various space gadgets and inter-dimensional intercourse. The Dead Gangsta was not featured nor involve in any acts in the film despite the widespread rumours. This is because Da Gangsta is well, quite simply dead, and frees from any form of sexual needs, thus immune to the power of the nymph. More importantly, he stresses that he is consummate professional. "Ain't my style to mix work with pleasure, dawg", he once said in an on air interview. The film, made entirely in 4D, is billed as a work of art by critics, surpassing the standard set by the original, further blurring the line between porn and art house. Isobelle currently continues to be active in the adult film industry, with the upcoming, all-star casts film, Auroral, with plots involving a housewife turns super powered sex machine relieving the sexual frustrations of nerds and exact revenge on cheating spouses, The Milky Way, a psychological horror involving mutated bodily fluids, and  a live world tour, The Safari Heat.
The Adventures of Isobelle Pascha is a new lineup from ThreeA featuring Isobelle and upcoming friends, like Lizbeth Paramour. Highly sexualised in the theme, Isobelle is one of the most difficult figure to obtain in recent memory, with exception to Dark Side of Her Moon and maybe the Cocktail variant. There are numerous variants, obtainable only through exclusives and limited drop. The figure comes with a random chase of open or close eyes, some comes with saliva "dripping" from the lips, some have "three dotted freckles". Curiously, the latter, which was shown to be present on Dark Side of Her Moon certain promo pics, is absent from this one. The Wanpi variant shocked me, as ThreeA decided to drop the set exclusive for 3AA members without the usual 24 hours window period. It was sold out within 10 minutes, supposedly. The Dark Side of Her Moon version is basically the "black" version of the exclusive SDCC F.M.I.S. Commander "white" version. This line is becoming like McDonald's Hello Kitty or Minions madness :) Anyhoo, this figure comes in the same carded packaging like, say, Johan. And with those platforms, Isobelle is one tall Sally. a full one inch towering over the TKs and TQs. Alas, the one in my hand right now suffers the similar fate as Munich NTQ - she just could not stand properly without toppling over. Her space suit has similar feel to the Takara Kerberos uniform, which of course is a scary coz it tends to get flaky over time. I hope this won't be the case for this figure. I am not sure about other variants but the finishing on the toes are kinda quite rough - a similar figure comes into my mind, Darwin Rothchild's hands - as well as a level of unevenness on the face. Something is nagging me to swap the headsculpt, hands and feet with the SXCLB Lil Shadow with strap on dildo. Hhhmmm....     

ThreeA - WWR : JEA Meat Is Murder Assault Squad Superset.

Heifer whines could be human cries 
Closer comes the screaming knife
This beautiful creature must die
This beautiful creature must die
A death for no reason
And death for no reason is MURDER.
- Meat Is Murder, The Smiths.

"Yeah. Meat is murder. So what are you waiting for?!"
- Corporal Stephen "Moz" Morris, "Meat is Murder" squad, 80th JEA "Yumiko" Division, Battle of Hills 881 and 861, Indochina Sub-Sector Campaign.

A (mis) interpretation:

The Joint Expeditionary Army (JEA) Marine Corps is a branch of the Terra Coalition Armed Forces responsible for providing power projection from the sea and space, using the mobility of the Terra United Navy to rapidly deliver combined-arms task forces. The mission of the Marine Corps has evolved with changing military doctrine and Terra foreign policy. The Marine Corps has served in every Terra armed conflict and attained prominence in the 20th century when its theories and practises of amphibious warfare proved prescient and ultimately formed the cornerstone of the Pacific campaign during the Great War on Terra. The Marine Corps had become a major theorist and practitioner of amphibious warfare. Its ability to rapidly respond on short notice to expeditionary crises gives it a strong role in the implementation and execution of Terra foreign policy. As a force it can rapidly deploy a combined-arms task force to almost anywhere on Terra within hours and across the Sol System within days. The JEA Marine Corps fulfils a vital role in national security as an amphibious, expeditionary, space-air-ground combined arms task force, capable of forcible entry from the space, air, land, and sea. It is capable of asymmetric warfare with conventional, irregular, and hybrid forces. The basic structure for all deployed units is a Marine Space-Air-Ground Task Force that integrates a ground combat element, an aviation combat element and a logistics combat element under a common command element. The close integration of disparate Marine units stems from an organisational culture centred around the infantry. Every other Marine capability exists to support and emphasises the combat abilities of the infantry. As a result, a large degree of initiative and autonomy is expected of all Marines, as compared with many other military organisations. The JEA Marine Corps emphasises authority and responsibility downward to a greater degree than the other military services. Flexibility of execution is implemented via an emphasis on "commander's intent" as a guiding principle for carrying out orders; specifying the end state but leaving open the method of execution. The Marines are credited with the development of sub-flight warbots insertion doctrine and were the earliest in the Terra military to widely adopt manoeuvre-warfare principles which emphasise low-level initiative and flexible execution. The JEA Marine Corps relies on the Navy for sealift and orbital drops to provide its rapid deployment capabilities. The JEA Marine Expeditionary Units are typically stationed at mobile sea fortresses and space stations. To aid rapid deployment, the Maritime Pre-Positioning System was developed: fleets of container ships are positioned throughout Terra and orbits with enough equipment and supplies for a Marine Expeditionary Force to deploy for 30 days.
During the Great War, veteran Marines from the United Americana Borders War campaign served a central role in their late entry into the conflict between Terra and the Archduchy of Mars. The Marine Corps had a deep pool of officers and NCOs with battle experience, and experienced a small expansion. Here, the Marines fought their famed battle at Tartarus Montes, Elysium Plantitia, occurred during the Archduchy 1918 Spring Offensive, creating the Marines' reputation in the Great War. While its previous expeditionary experiences had not earned it much acclaim in Terra, the Marines' ferocity and toughness on Mars earned them the respect of the Archduchy Army, who rated them of stormtrooper quality.
After the assault of the Ecclesiarchy of Mars upon Terra, the illustrious Commandant of the Corps, Yumiko Saito, would presciently studied and developed amphibious techniques that would be of great use in the Great War. She foresaw a war in Pacific against the Ecclesiarchy of Mars and undertook preparations for such a conflict. The Corps pushed urgently for joint amphibious exercises and acquired amphibious equipment that would prove of great use in the upcoming conflicts.
The JEA Marines played a central role in the Pacific sector theatre. The battles of Guadalcanal, Bougainville, Tarawa, Guam, Tinian, Cape Gloucester, Saipan, Peleliu, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa saw fierce fighting between the Marines and the Frateris Militia of Mars. The five-week battle on Iwo Jima in 1945 comprised some of the fiercest and bloodiest fighting during the Pacific Campaign of the Great War. The Reds Army had learnt from their defeats in the Marianas battles and Iwo Jima were heavily fortified, with a dense network of bunkers, hidden artillery positions, and 18 km of underground tunnels. The Frateris Militia defended their positions tenaciously with no thought of surrender. They put up fierce resistance and the mission was accomplished by the JEA Marine Corps at very high losses, with 260,000 JEA Marines casualties and 220,000 Reds Army. After the heavy losses incurred in the battle, the strategic value of the island became controversial. It was useless to the Army as a staging base and useless to the Navy as a fleet base nor space port. It was of limited use to the Coalition Army Space Forces only for emergency landings, and there were other, smaller islands that could have been used for that purpose. However, the campaign proved to be a turning point for the conflict as the Coalition Army succeed in breaching the Reds Army's Eastasian Link Defence Perimeter.
In the Goryeo Peninsular sector campaign of Eastasia in 1950, the Reds Army held Northern Goryeo sub-sector had enjoyed superiority in both manpower and equipment over Southern sub-sector's Coalition Army. The Frateris Militia continued to push south, until the establishment of the Pusan Perimeter. After the Great Naktong Offensive which caught Coalition Army by surprise and almost overwhelmed them, the JEA Marines execute a flanking manoeuvre, making an amphibious landing at Incheon behind the enemy line after initial orbital bombardment. The subsequent Battle of Incheon resulted in a decisive victory and strategic reversal in favour of the Coalition Army, particularly the capture of Kimpo space port. It led to the Second Battle of Sudogwon City two weeks later, which resulted in collapse of the Reds' supply lines in Southern Goryeo. In contrast to the quick victory at Incheon, the advance and recapture of Sudogwon was slow and bloody. The city was heavily fortified and casualties mounted as the JEA Marines engaged in house-to-house fighting. The Marines pursuit the Reds Army north near the Yalu River until sudden reinforcement from the Tannhäuser Gate I Legion into the battle. The Reds surrounded, surprised and overwhelmed the overextended and outnumbered Marines. The JEA Marines regrouped and inflicted heavy casualties during their fighting withdrawal to the coast, now known as the Battle of Chosin Reservoir. Later, the Frateris Militia launched a massive campaign against three JEA Marines outposts. One was captured by the Reds but the Marines held the remaining two outposts through the remaining of the campaign and continue a battle of attrition around the 38th Parallel against the resurgent Reds Army.
The Marines also served an important role alongside the WF "Jungler" Corps in the Indochina Sector Campaign of Oceania, particularly in Nam Viet, taking part in such battles as Da Nang, Hue City, Con Thien and Khe Sanh in the late 60s. It was one of the most brutal and deadliest battles between the JEA Marines and the Frateris Militia. The battles that erupted on the hill masses south and southeast of Nam Viet became some of the hardest-fought and bloodiest battles of the Great War, a prelude to the Ecclesiarch counter-offensive campaign throughout Terra, the Second Crusade. Unspeakable acts of attrition carried out by both forces also reached its horrific height in this battle theatre. The sub-sector was referred to by the Marine grunts as "Hamburger Hills" for "being chewed up like a hamburger", "Our Turn in The Barrel", "the Meat Grinder" and the DMZ stands for "Dead Marine Zone". The Indochina battles was the longest and hardest campaign for Marines. More JEA Marines were deployed for service during Indochina than the Pacific campaign. The JEA Marines were subsequently withdrawn, and returned briefly to evacuate Saigon and attempt a rescue of the crew of the Mayaguez mobile fortress from the MOD space pirate faction. It is the only known military engagement between the MOD and the Coalition Army on the surface of Terra.
While recovering from the Indochina campaign, the Corps hit a detrimental low point in its service history caused by courts-martial and non-judicial punishments related partially to increased unauthorized absences and desertions. Overhauling of the Corps began, discharging the most delinquent, and once quality of new recruits improved, the Corps focused on reforming the NCO Corps, a vital functioning part of its forces, which eventually evolved and formed into the United Sectors Marine Corps (USMC). The USMC would continue the expeditionary role of the JEA, as part of the AMC (Anti-Mars Coalition) of Terra against MARSA (Martian Advocates), ICG (Independent Countries Group) and the N.O.M. Legion (Nitor Obduro Macto).


The "Meat is Murder (MIM)" superset arrived after nearly a year from order placement. Marketed as a JEA assault squad, it comprises a 1G Armstrong, a Dropcloth Mk 1, Square Mk 1 and 2, and a grunt. The first teaser/preview photo of this set was released way back, until strong requests from 3A fans "reminded" Ashley Wood of it and was promptly set into an official release. The original photo did not show a grunt, so it came as a surprise to me when it was highlighted together with the squad. Both the Armstrong and grunt had not been released in the JEA colourway before and is thus only available with the ordering of this set. It also served as an instant WWR crew. And if one were to collect only the JEA, I envy them for with this set, the JEA colourway serves as one of the nearly, most complete WWR 1/6th scale collection from 3A thus far. The MIM is an obvious reference to The Smiths' second album which features the album cover of a Vietnam War US Marine corporal, with the wording on his helmet changed from "Make War Not Love" to "Meat Is Murder". The original image was used for Emile de Antonio's 1968 documentary In the Year of the Pig. Fans of Morrissey would know how "militantly" vegetarian The Mozzer is. Anyway, this is my first JEA colourway collection. As all these figures have been released in one colourway or another, I won't delve into the details of articulation as it is as per 3A standard. Without saying, the moment the clamshells were opened, the usual "explosion" of micro-particles occurred. I suggest face mask and washing of hands after manhandling these figures. Seriously. The weathering effect from 3A is truly staggering, to the level that, for example, the Armstrong's "ring" around the "eye" is literally coated with dusty, chalk-like "stuffs". Honestly I am hoping for a deeper shades of olive green and fonts on the figures. I guess being Marines, well, water and robots made of steel don't go along well, thus probably for the almost non-existing green motive. Sporting a MIM fonts on all the figures, the grunt also comes with the current "leather" boots instead of molded ones on the original release. As I like to "tuck" in the hem/cuffs of a combat trouser, me itchy fingers pulled too hard and the strings intended to tighten up the trouser came out. So, no choice but to "tuck" it in just at the back. My grunt's face is two toned upon removal of the gas mask, one tanned at behind and pale in front. Guess it is due to too much sunlight :) And the armour vest colouration is, well, a bit disconcerting, as it has this, don't know, "algae-blueish green" colouration instead. Others are fine. Again all the "fluffs" are drawn from Wiki on US Marine Corps, WW2, Korean and Vietnam Wars, ThreeA Wiki and Games Workshop's 40k. Lets see how the WWR goes from here. Hopefully 3A shall retain and continue with the JEA colourway for the new wave in 2014.

ThreeA - Tomorrow King Oroshi 18 body replacement.

Here's the free nude male body replacement for Oroshi 18 courtesy of ThreeA as the original does not come with the tattoo. I am still contemplating whether to swap it. Just worried about breakages. Particularly leg and hand pegs. In the meantime, Oroshi 18 remains with its non-tattoo body. Afterall, ain't gonna display him without the jacket. And the tattoo is not massive, like, say, the Oyaloper. But maybe for the sake of "completeness", I would swap it, but not now.