Monday, 29 September 2014

ThreeA - WWR EVOL : Marquis de Plume.

"Surgery is required. You are my scalpel."
- write up from the box.

"Multiply, vary, let the strongest live and the weakest die."
- write up from the box.

"Every judgement of conscience, be it right or wrong, be it about things evil in themselves or morally indifferent, is obligatory, in such wise that he who acts against his conscience always sins."
- Thomas Aquinas.

"To the righteous we bring hope. To the tainted we bring fire."
- WH40k.

A (mis) interpretation:

Name: Unknown.
Designation: Marquis de Plume.
Age: Unknown.
Affiliation: The N.O.M. Legion - Der Nachtragend Jäger Spezialkräfte.
Ranks: Leader.
Abilities: Panzer Kunst - anti-armour martial art; psionic manipulation; transhuman physiology; indomitable will.
Std. armaments:  N.O.M. Totenmaske; N.O.M. Lebensunterstützung Hilfesystem; N.O.M. Prey Box - Jagdkasten x 1; Tilphousia - .50 Nemesis revolver x 2; Alekto - Nemesis grenade x 3.

In the aftermath of the War of Unbelief by the traitorous Fallens, the Supreme Mother raised the Second Founding from the surviving N.O.M. Legion loyalists. As the traitors scattered across the Sol System, a unique, special task group is created to continue the Great Scouring in order to eliminate the Lost and the Damned. Known as The Unforgiven, they hold the duty of capturing or killing the Fallens as their most sacred duty, even superseding all other necessities. So committed they are to their primary objective, The Unforgiven have been known to literally leave the battlefield in a midst of combat, amidst a battle, in order to chase down a suspected sighting of a Fallen. Once a psychic signature is detected, an Unforgiven would relentlessly track and pursue the foul footprints of sentiency left behind by a Fallen before it fades from the mind set. They would track and hunt down any Fallen, forcing them to repent and wash away their sins with their bloods. The Unforgiven is driven by their single minded objective to ensure that the traitors atone for their sins against the Supreme Mother and the Three Fold Path. They would never rest until every one of the Fallens have been eliminated. The Unforgiven also quietly watch over their own Battle-brothers and sisters, and also themselves. Everyone would be silently scrutinised for signs of corruption. They are answerable only to the Supreme Mother Herself. Shrouded in secrecy, and due to the mysterious nature of their existence, The Unforgiven have raised a certain degree of mistrust towards them amongst other N.O.M. legionnaires. They are numbered in few but are blessed with abilities and skills to combat the traitors and their new, monstrous masters singularly. 
The Unforgiven is currently led by Marquis de Plume, whom is personally hand chosen by the Supreme Mother. The former Keeper of Lore, a formidable Nom de Plume trained by The First during his time as a Nom di Sciple whom had fought along side Garmr to hold the Northern Chamber, sworn that so long as even one single Fallen remain alive and un-repented for their sins, The Unforgiven would continue to carry out their roles with zeal. Many have been martyred during the pursuit. Success comes at a high price, a price which an Unforgiven would willingly pay in return for the atonement of a Fallen whom sullied the name of the Supreme Mother and Her Legion. Amongst them include Sombre de Plume whose name is now honoured within the heart of each Unforgiven, remembered for his tenaciousness in fulfilling his duty and loyalty during a hunt and subsequent battle to the death against a Fallen warband leader and their corrupted followers. 
Given that their primary foes are Chaos corrupted former N.O.M. legionnaires, as such equal in powers or even greater, and in order to combat this powerful threat, there are no neophytes in The Unforgiven. Aspirants are strictly and stringently drawn from existing Nom de Plume ranks whereby they are trained further rigorously to specifically hunt and bring down their own corrupted battle-brothers and sisters, as well as the dangerous Chaos entities from The Immaterium.  Every Unforgiven are extremely potent psykers, utterly incorruptible with vast knowledge and skilled at battle, which surpass majority of other N.O.M. members. They are blessed with unique weaponries and honoured with individual Prey Box from the Supreme Mother. All have undergone the Test of Corruption and taken the Journey within the Warp. Yet, it is ultimately their pure of heart and unblemished soul which made them one of the most powerful and unique groups in the entire Legion.

Any WWR related figures are usually a winner in my book and this figure is no exception, further excited by the inclusion of the "Prey Box", whatever that is, wait, Ashley Wood did explain what that was if memory serves me right but I could be wrong. Either that or typical of his "cryptic" and ever changing official tiny bits of info shared, I still do not have any idea what it is. There are WWR graphic novels or collected tome out there, maybe I will get one but let's see. Regardless, the "Prey Box" was previously available, in different version, exclusively only for "veterans" of ThreeA membership whom renewed in the fourth year. Marquis de Plume is different from other de Plumes, new design, as part of the "second phase" of WWR line, with added EVOL word. Curiously, I think I saw four grenades instead of three in the promo pics. As always, there are surprise drops of the day - Sombre de Plume (all black colour-way) and Dead de Plume (GID).  There is also very, very rare hand drawn insertion of art by Ash himself randomly inserted into the box. I frantically hope to get one but...well, its alright. It is WWR, along side AK and Popbot which drawn me to ThreeA in the first place. Here's hoping more exciting figures/bots coming our way soon. As usually, I drawn the misinterpretation from the rich world of Games Workshop's WH40K.

ThreeA - The World of Isobelle Pascha : Juicy Racer Miyu.

"We raced so hard we forgot what time it was, the others had gone, we were left to decide our future."
- write up from the box.
Honestly, my collection of Isobelle Pascha range of female figures are growing like a Tomorrow Queen. With the recent announcement of a range of assorted figures again for retailers channel, The Adventures/World of Isobelle Pascha line is obviously going the direction of a Barbie. This is a Juicy Racer, supposedly a race queen, version of Miyu. Comes with a bonus 1:1 scale beer bottle as per offered previously and a mini square, which is kinda cute in its scale. There is a chase Liz figure thrown into the mix during the drop, which includes a set of the classic Square, supposedly last to be released. The surprise drop of the day is a Dodgy Wonka Square based on idea of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl whereby it has since revealed to be Mewl Division - Wanka Square, wrapped in golden gift wrapper. Nothing much to say about this figure in terms of articulation and so forth. It is a ThreeA after all. Just different costume/attire, boots and hair colour. Added a Marlboro Light cigarette "propaganda" card insertion just for kick. Now, I hope ThreeA would announce or release the "White Bride/Covens" version teased months ago for this line.

Chloe & Dylan - Mud Crabs.

Chloe and Dylan gets up close and personal with a mud crab...

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Medicom Toys RAH 653 - Batman : The Dark Knight Returns.

"I leave my car in the lot. I can't stand to be inside anything right now. I walk the streets of this city I'm learning to hate, the city that's given up, like the whole world seems to have. I'm a zombie. A Flying Dutchman. A dead man, ten years dead...I'll feel better in the morning. At least, I'll feel it less...It's the night...when the city's smells call out to him, though I lie between silk sheets in a million-dollar mansion miles away...when a police siren wakes me, and, for a moment, I forget that it's all over...but Batman was a young man. If it was revenge he was after, he's taken it. It's been forty years since he was born..."
- Bruce Wayne, inner reflection.
"The time has come. You know it in your soul. For I am your cannot escape me. You are puny, small. You are nothing...a hollow shell, a rusty trap that cannot hold me..smoldering, I burn you...burning you, I flare, hot and bright, and fierce and cannot stop me...not with wine or vows or the weight of cannot stop me but still you try...still you try to drown me out...but your voice is weak..."
- Bruce Wayne, inner voice.
"...power lines are down all over the suburbs. It's a mean one...and it's headed straight for Gotham. Like wraith of God it's headed for Gotham..."
- weather cast report.
"...breakthrough in hair replacement techniques, and that's the...excuse me...I've just been handed this bulletin...a large, bat-like creature has been sighted on Gotham's South Side. It is said to have attacked and seriously injured three cat-burglars who have plagued that neighbourhood. You don't suppose..."
- newscaster report.
"This just in...two young children who disappeared this morning have been found unharmed in a riverside warehouse. An anonymous tip led police to the warehouse, where they found the children with six members of the Mutant Gang. All six are suffering from multiple cuts, contusions, and broken bones. They were rushed to Gotham General Hospital. The children described an attack on the Gang members by a huge man dressed like Dracula..."
- newscaster report.
"This should be agony. I should be a mass of aching muscle...broken, spent, unable to move. And, were I an older man, I surely would...but I'm a man of thirty...of twenty again. The rain on my chest is a baptism...I'm born again..."
- The Batman.


Finally arrived. This is my third Medicom figures (Kaneda, Tetsuo being the others) and true to my expectation, the figure is a tad smallish in scale. It captures Frank Miller 1986's four issues "The Dark Knight Returns" version of the Batman nicely - hunched, fat and menacing - though the materials used leaves me a bit concern - rubberised suit and molded belt, pouches. And due to the boots being molded and stiff, the classic "hunch" look could not be achieved. This is the second suit used in the series, the first being the one with blue, grey and bat sign with yellow circle, which, after the battle with the Mutant Leader, is discarded and replaced with this one (the third one is the armoured suit Bruce uses to fight Superman in the finale). Due to the material, I dare not pose it too much. Of course only time would tell how the figure would stand the test. The cape is lined with wire for posing, which is nice. All in all it is alright for keep, unless a better one comes about.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fraser's Hill.

Went to Fraser's Hill, for the first time in my life, with Esther, the kids and families. Great time.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

ThreeA - Tomorrow Queen : Choco Hunter Easter TQ Yukata Jane.

A (mis) interpretation:

Category: Limited production replicants.
Model type: The Tomorrow Queen - GEN 03.
Unit type: Choco Hunter / Easter TQ Yo.
ID: Yukata Jane.
Rank: Sukeban.
Manufacturer: The Luthor Bean Jr. Corporation.
Function: Pleasure / close assault.
Incept date:18th April 1994.
Serial no.: TQG3FBB18041994.
Longevity: 4 years.
Physical level: B.
Mental level: B.
Abilities: Panzer Kunst - anti-martial art; superhuman physiology.
Std. armaments: monomolecular-edged wakizashi x 2; Easter bunny cosplay suit x 1; monomolecular-edged heel x 2; ion-cyclotron glove x 2.


I am kind of excited when 3A announced this figure, which is a second version of the very much personally sought after 2010's Easter TQ which, even if seen available on the secondary market, the asking price would have blown my wallet off the roof. Because only 25 pcs were made as gift for "colleagues" and "friends". This time 'round it is not a chase, random drop. It was offered for as a pre-made, limited figure but I was surprised at the time window they offered, which was up to nearly 48 hours if I remembered correctly. Thus, very stress free. The difference in these two versions are in the bunny cosplay dress design and of course, the body itself. Comes with a pair of standard hand gloves and wakizashi, which are pink in colour. The headsculpt now seems different from the TQs I have. It looks kinda closer to the original TQ. The TQ have several names - Choco Hunter; Easter TQ; Yutaka Jane and on the brown shipping box, it even added TQ YO as in TKYO. Comes in clear plastic box with Ashley Wood nice artwork on it. A small catalogue is thrown in with the set, with some teasing official background infos for each main lines. No loosey goosey joints, stands quite well and posing is not a concern for the one in my hand. However, the extra hand and leg pegs were not packed properly and nearly gone missing as it dropped out from the box upon opening it. I am glad to have this figure. Now, if only there would be a new CNY TQ.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2014.

Nice dishes, mooncakes, lanterns and lots of candles are perfect for Chloe, Dylan with Suetch and Nee Nee to have a great and fun filled evening to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival on Monday. So much so that I think the kids nearly burnt the neighbour's tree down.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Hot Toys MMS 239 - Captain America: The Winter Soldier - The Black Widow.


So there you have it: two things & I can't bring them together & they are wrenching me apart. These two feelings, this knowledge of a world so awful, this sense of a life so extraordinary - how am I to resolve them?
- Richard Flanagan, Gould's Book of Fish: A Novel in Twelve Fish    

Natasha Romanoff:  The truth is a matter of circumstances, it's not all things to all people all the time. And neither am I.
Steve Rogers:  That's a tough way to live.
Natasha Romanoff:   It's a good way not to die, though.
Steve Rogers: You know, it's kind of hard to trust someone when you don't know who that someone really is.
Natasha Romanoff: Yeah. Who do you want me to be?
Steve Rogers: How about a friend?
Natasha Romanoff: Well, there's a chance you might be in the wrong business, Rogers.
A (mis) interpretation:

Name: Natalia Alianovna Romanova.
Alias: Natasha Romanoff, various.
Age: 68 years old (as of 2010).
Codename: The Black Widow ( Чёрная вдова / Chyornaya Vdova)
Designation: Weapon III.
Affiliation: NKVD (Narodnyy Komissariat Vnutrennikh Del) / KGB (Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti) - The Red Dawn (Krasnyy Rasvet) (former); DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) (former); CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) - SAD (Special Activities Division) : PAG (Political Action Group) / SOG (Special Action Group)  (former); S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division) - Level Ten Operative / The Avengers Initiative (current).
Abilities: Artificially enhanced physiology; high intelligence; psychological manipulation; master hand to hand combatant; slowed aging; fast healing; espionage expert; master strategist and tactician; expert marksmanship; weapons expert. 
Std. armaments: "The Widow's Bite" - electro-shock energy bracelet and power glove x 2; carbon nanotube reinforced Kevlar/Nomex hybrid combat suit; Glock 26 semi-automatic pistol x 2; various weaponries.

Late 1942, Stalingrad. A Soviet soldier, Ivan Petrovich, found a mortally injured woman with a one year old child in her arms amidst the rubbles from the aerial bombings by the Luftwaffe. She handed the girl over to Petrovich before dying. By February 1943, the German 6th Army surrendered, ending the Battle of Stalingrad and marks as one of the turning points in World War Two.
1953, Moscow. Twelve years old Natalia Romanova, the girl Petrovich rescued, was amongst thousands of orphans rounded up by the NKVD for the Red Dawn Programme. The programme is a project by Soviet Union to produce their own first super-soldier, based on the blood samples taken from Steve Rogers by their spies prior to the Captain's supposed death in an atomic explosion over the Artic to divert a nuclear holocaust planned by HYDRA. Soviet eugenicists led by captured HYDRA scientist, Drs Adelind Zola succeed in reverse engineer the blood samples to obtain the late Dr. Abraham Erskine's formula but it is incomplete. Out of the thousands of candidates, only Romanova survived with sanity intact. The rests were purged, including the eugenicists involved with the exception of Zola whom managed to escape to Latin America. Romanova immediately undergoes intensive training in espionage, its tradecrafts and all forms of martial art. Upon completion of her trainings and psychological indoctrination which include behavioural modification, Romanova was assigned as the Red Dawn Special Operations agent under the successor to NKVD, the KGB, of which Petrovich was the directorate supervising the programme. With the codename "The Black Widow", Romanova carried out various espionage activities, acting as agent provocateur, infiltrate target groups to sow dissension, influence policy, arrange kidnappings and carry out assassinations. She was also key member of the state secret police, and had her fair share of suppressing internal dissidents ruthlessly and without remorse, carrying out enhanced interrogation technique methods.
Romanova was particularly active throughout the entire Cold War period. She becomes a double agent in the mid-60s, working for the KGB, CIA and DIA through an extensive "double cross" system. She had participated in espionage and combat activities during the proxy wars globally where she carried out with absolute efficiency and effectiveness.  By the 90s, during the glasnost and perestroika period, Romanova defected and becomes a full time S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, although where she was once questioned about where her true allegiance lies by General Alexander Pierce. Natalia proved her loyalty by uncovering a vast conspiracy involving the infiltration of HYDRA agents within the clandestine organisation and various government agencies. Her experiences in engaging against others the likes of her, meta-humans, human mutants and eventually the realisation that humankind is not alone in the universe after the Battle of New York makes her more determine to carry out her duties with upmost dedication, regardless of the acts or methods used to achieve the outcome.
As a recipient of the super-soldier serum, Romanova possesses super human physiology, giving her exceptional strength, speed, endurance and dexterity, fast healing form any injuries in short time as well as absolute immunity from any forms of diseases and poisons. She is well trained to carry out any forms of tradecrafts and assassination. Romanova is a cunning strategist and tactician in covert and clandestine operations, and exceptionally gifted and effective field commander, often considered second only to Steve Rogers. With enhanced intellect, Romanova displays an uncanny affinity for psychological manipulation and can mask her emotion perfectly, adapt to various accents, behavioural aspects or even changes her look like a talented actress. Wade Wilson aka Deadpool likes to remark, 'Will the real Black Widow please stands up?' She could deduce with precision a person's thought through body language and behavioural cue, and has no hesitancy in employing any forms of interrogative measures to extract information from any suspect. Romanova could quickly process multiple information streams such as threat assessment and rapidly respond to changing tactical situations as per required. Although she prefers not to engage in a hand to hand combat, Romanova is a formidable martial artist, incredibly dexterous, nimble with graceful moves like a deadly gymnast. She has photographic memory, a polyglot, being fluent in fourteen languages and one dead language. Romanova is an expert markswoman, proficient in all forms of firearms and melee weapons. In combat, Romanova primary weapon is a pair of wrist bands containing electro-shock projectiles and gloves powered by electric micro-capacitors which delivers up to 50,000 volts of current sufficient to electrocute anyone several times over. Created for her by Anton Vanko, the "Widow's Bite" as it is called, also acts as a form of force weapon of which Romanova could activate to envelope both her fists with molecular bond disrupting energy, allowing her to punch through super hardened armours and defence in addition to her superhuman strength. She is also an incredibly capable cyber-hacker, a master cryptanalyst and adept in information technology. Her decades of serving as a top espionage agent makes Romanova an incredibly experience clandestine operative, with a rank of Level Ten in S.H.I.E.L.D., whose authority is effectively a step remove from only Director Colonel Fury and Deputy Director Maria Hill. While many sees her as an opportunist, deceptive and questions with her loyalty lies, Romanova believes in the values of morality and justice upon meeting Steve Rogers. Although Rogers disapproves of her methods more often than not, Romanova believes the means justify the end. Like day and night, both share the same goal, albeit through different path. Romanova has had many past relationships with both men and women but due to eventual realisation that she is near immortal, she has since decided not to engage into any form of intimate relationship currently.

My impulse purchase sometimes get better of me. I had sold off the first Black Widow (much to my regret because I would like to retain the "body" ;)), but that's alright coz I originally wanted to built The Avengers before realising Marvel Studios are coming out with a bunch of sequels and ties in movies which means Hot Toys would be churning out various versions of the characters. This would lead to debating with myself which one would be the definite version to get. Which is why I stay away from Iron Man (s). This is the third incarnation of the Black Widow figure based on Scarlett Johansson, from the recent Captain America 2 : The Winter Soldier. And its most likely not the last. But the screen version is good enough for me to get the figure, which is great, though minimal in accessories. The head sculpt (by Yulli, no less) is as close to the real deal as possible. But unfortunately it has that "huh?" look on it and let's face it, ScarJo's likeliness is difficult to capture, just like Harrison Ford. But this is definitely for keep though I "miss" the first version well-endowed body. The fan-fiction writing is based on the Weapon series from Marvel Universe. It is vastly different from the official write up. And I decided to re-imagine her as a super-powered human.

DAM Toys GK005 - Gangsters Kingdom : Diamond 2.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, but the one most responsive to change.
- Charles Darwin.

All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.  
- Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

A (mis) interpretation :

Chapter 3: The Turncoat Nemesis.

The Diamonds Family is an anything goes criminal organization, involving in any and every forms of illegal businesses as long as it brings profit. Traditionally the weakest of the Four Families, it has since become one of the strongest and most ambitious crime organizations under the leadership of the current K of Diamonds. Its members comprise individuals of multi-nationalities from around the world. Ambition and power is all a member need to earn respect within this family. This is a family that challenge the Hearts and the Clubs in terms of power and influence. Only the Spades Family stands in its way to total domination and ensure balance. But the delicate balance is about to change by the coming of a traitor.
Alger, the Diamond 2, is the key that changes the power pattern of the Four Families. He used to be the closest friend of Ogier, the Spade J. Alger's father was a follower of Ogier's father, the Spade K, and earned his credits during the rising of the Spades Family. His father was very loyal to Spade K, but as his position in the family rose, he eventually started to make plans for his own heir in the fear of nepotism in the family. He gave Alger hard training ever since he was a little child, so that Alger could assists Spade J to become the family successor in the coming years. Alger and Spade J became close friends to the point where Spade J looked upon Alger as his own brother. 
When Alger was 6 years old, his father began to teach him various fighting techniques as well as instilling Machiavellian philosophy required to survive and advance up the ranks within the brutal underworld. He eventually sent Alger to China under the mentorship of a powerful underworld business associate of the Spades Family. Alger became a fan of Chinese culture. He undertook further martial arts training and participated in illegal underground mixed martial arts tournaments whenever he could. Alger also observed and learnt about power and ambition. When his mentor was assassinated by another Chinese Triad leader, Alger understood that loyalty was just a word. He later had his arm tattooed in Chinese, "in natural selection, only the fittest could survive".
Alger's betrayal dated back to when he came back from China. He was 22 years old and already a formidable martial arts master, so much so that not even Spade J, himself a powerful hand to hand combatant, could match him. Upon returning to the Spades Family, Alger became Spade J's right-hand man and most trusted enforcer. However, as time flows, human hearts change too. Alger always expected Spade J to inherit the key position in the family, but the Spade Q siblings power were growing, resulting in Spade J's position in the family being threatened and eventually side-lined. In the eventual power struggle, Alger volunteered to sweep aside the obstacles, but Spade J wouldn't allow him to and chose to step back instead. This disappointed Alger. The seed of ambition in Alger's heart started to sprout. He was unwilling to be merely a shadow behind Spade J and he didn't want to take his father's path which he perceived as servitude. Alger also felt that he would never get the respect and position that he deserved in the family. He saw Ogier as lacking the will power to realise his potential to fully control the Spades Family. Alger perceived this as a terrible weakness which he could not tolerate.
If the disappointment in Spade J's decision was not the breaking point which resulted in Alger's eventual treachery, his father's death was the last straw. To consolidate their new found positions, the Spade Q siblings set a trap which led to his father's death. But Spade J prohibited Alger from exacting revenge in order to maintain the Four Families' joint interest and power balance. Alger was in complete despair and lost all confidence in the Spades Family, and in particular, Ogier himself. His ambition broke out by this point, his hatred fuelled further by his unquenchable thirst for more power. The flame of revenge in his heart eventually swallowed his humanity and any degree of loyalty evaporated. But it was not easy to get rid of the Spade Q siblings and he wasn't powerful enough yet to could carry on his own revenge. Since the Spades Family did not reserve a card for him, he chose to leave and joined a stronger gang - the Diamonds Family - much to Spade Q's disappointment. Ogier tried to reason with Alger with the hope to retain and change his mind but the two almost came to blows at the end of the meeting.
The Diamond K always appreciated Alger, but the wizened leader of the Diamonds Family also had fear in Alger's ambition. As such he only gave Alger a small card, the Diamond 2. Alger was indifferent to this. All he needed was a fair chance to earn all he needed with his fist and mind. Thanks to his extraordinary combat skills, cunningness and leadership quality, he quickly earned the trust of a few other cards in the treacherous dog eat dog organisational hierarchy of the Diamonds Family. He eventually gained their trusts and direct loyalty towards him only, becoming the first of his followers.
After several years of struggle and planning, Alger finally raised the curtain of his comprehensive and enormous revenge plan against the Spades Family, which involved systematic elimination of key members of the Spades Family, eventually resulted in the family near power and influence collapse...
The guards in the room were riddled with bullets under the firepower of Spade 4 and the others. Spade 3 entered the room to check if there were any survivors. Spade 4 checked the drugs on the table, and signalled his men to move them away. Several Spades members started to move the drugs while Spade 4 and 3 led the remaining men to the other rooms. Entering a corridor with flickering lights, they passed a pile of debris and with some muffled sound, two Spades members suddenly fell to the ground, dead. At the very moment Spade 4 turned around, a dagger flew straight to his throat. He couldn't dodge. All he could do was raising his arm in split second to block the dagger. Before Spade 4 was able to make any further move, a shadow flashed out and kicked right onto Spade 4's chest. He flew several metres away, bones broken. Hearing the noise, Spade 3 rushed to scene and slashed the shadow with his tomahawk, but was blocked by a pair of armoured arm bands with a fist knuckle. The power of the clashing almost dropped Spade 3's axe from his hands. Spade 3's combat skills was personally trained by Spade J, yet he was knocked down after a few rounds, blood came pouring out from his mouth.
"You? Bastard! You're a disgrace to the family," Spade 4 said, coughing out blood while getting up from the ground and pulled out the dagger.
The shadow gradually revealed himself. It was Alger, the Diamond 2, the traitor of the Spades Family and nemesis of Spade J, thus sparking a long term rivalry and escalating violence, shaking the Gangsters Kingdom to its core.
This is my first Dam Toys' Gangsters Kingdom series figure. The Gangsters Kingdom line of figures, which comprises of "caricature" headsculpts of famous personalities and its own original storyline, a departure from Dam Toys signature line of military theme figures, have been steadily gaining momentum in terms of popularity ever since it was introduced way back in 2013. I was "deep" into ThreeA and Hot Toys, amongst others, then, which means funds were tied up. By the time I wanted to enter this line, the figures secondary market prices have sky rocketed beyond reasonable and thus I ignored it totally, until Diamond 2 dropped. As "fate" has it, this figure is a "villain" of the official storyline (written on the box, in "chapters"), and the next which I POed, is based on Danny Trejo, whose character is also a Diamond affiliated member. So this is a good entry point to this line. The figure is well made and worth it in my personal opinion. The cowboy boots are fully molded and hard, thus making the figure standing properly is a challenge but it is alright. I am not sure what head sculpt this figure is based on, although I suspect it could be Scott Adkins. I alter the official write up on the character abit and looking forward the arrival of "Machete". Now I got to be selective to get what I want on this line. After learning a lesson on collecting ThreeA, which admittedly is getting out of control, I want to exercise caution and try not to let my impulse purchase get better of me once more.