Sunday, 5 July 2015

ThreeA - 3AA Membership Pack 2015.

The 3AA 2015 Membership Pack arrived couple of weeks ago but due to the fact that the accompanying figures are in ThreeA's line of 3AGO scale, I let it sit in the room for quite abit. ThreeA has expanded its product line up for the past years and apart from various licenses and increasingly neglected original line up created by Ashley Wood, has now also comes with different scales. The original would be the 1/6th, then followed by the 1/12th which ThreeA marketed as Action Portable or AP series. The latest is 3AGO, which is ThreeA's 8 inches tall line up. It is said that Ashley Wood is inspired by the by now defunct classic Mego action figures and Micronauts, which leads to the creation of 3AGO. But for a primary 1/6th scale collector like me, I am obviously not keen on this. The packaging is top notch as per last year's Lasstranaut box. It comes with an Ashley Wood print said to be personally signed by him. Then for renewing members, there is a bonus Tomorrow King severed (?) head in 3AGO scale. As always, there is t-shirt but it seems I always order the wrong size. The KDA TK "spread eagle" tee I ordered S size which is too tight, the Lassie one M size is just right but I don't know why I chose L size for this set. Darn it. Too baggy. And honestly love the design. Sigh. As per one of the Q&A, the Trinity represents balance of "Body, Mind and Spirit" (The Equalizer, anyone?), while the number of "dots" represent the N.O.M. Corps. And there's obviously the membership card, and lanyard. Now onto the figures. For 2015, there are two N.O.M. commanders, in black, not sure whether it is supposedly representing Thrice Naut and Post Fire or other CO but being my first 3AGO figures, I am kind of liking it. At least after the horrid barrages of floppy and loose bodies of human figures in 1/6th scale, this is a refreshing change. The masks are not removable and articulation are limited but poseable to a reasonable degree. Then the "star" of the pack, the Bertie MK2, my very first in any scale (at least until the first of the 1/6th Dirty Deeds arrive). It is well made, nice in my opinion, thought the weathering still incomparable to the early days but that's nit-picking. The gatling cannon is great but I am cautious of the grip which is kind of loose though it is meant to swivel. The ammos have the Trinity design on each and I think that is a great touch from ThreeA. The torso could be swivel, just need a tad of pressure due to paint lock I think. Ball joints as usual so I try not to tamper with it too much. Then the final figure, if I could call it that. In the advert, it is called "thingy". Turns out to be this cover-like sock puppet called JJ McGee. And that "thingy" turns out to be ahem, a vibrator/dildo. JJ is supposedly wrapped over the "thingy". Reminds me of it some sort of contraceptive you would buy over the counter. You gotta hand it to Ash for such eccentric innuendo tinged "accessory" and a character like JJ. Only the Kunstler and ThreeA could have pulled it off and came up with such idea.  Overall, it is nice but pity I would have had to let the set go as I don't find how it could fit into my collection of WWR, AK and the rest. Maybe I could just give it to Dylan and Chloe. Sans JJ McGee and the "thingy" of course!