Friday, 11 September 2015

ThreeA - WWR EVOL : Battlechild Superset.

"War: a massacre of people who don't know each other for the profit of people who know each other but don't massacre each other."
- Paul Vallery.
"For science, the end of the evolution struggle is simply represented by 'survival.' As for the means to that end, apparently anything goes. Darwinism leaves humanity without a moral compass."
- Bruce Lipton.

"To be weak is miserable,
Doing or suffering."

- John Milton, Paradise Lost.

“Farewel happy Fields
Where Joy for ever dwells: Hail horrours, hail
Infernal world, and thou profoundest Hell
Receive thy new Possessor: One who brings
A mind not to be chang'd by Place or Time.
The mind is its own place, and in it self
Can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heav'n.
What matter where, if I be still the same,
And what I should be, all but less then he
Whom Thunder hath made greater?"
- John Milton, Paradise Lost.

"Someone once said 'I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion'. A f***ing smart lion."
- Ashley Wood, comic book write up.

A (mis) interpretation:

Name: Darwin Rothchild.
Alias: The Emperor of Rothchild.
Age: 26 years old.
Affiliation: The Rothchild Corporation - Chairman, CEO, President.
Abilities: Hyper intellect; hyper memory; hyper polyglot; intuitive aptitude; enhanced inventing; science prowess; Kalaripayatu - martial arts expert; peak physical condition; deception; cunningness.
Std. armaments: Enhanced cybernetic arm x 1; "Logos" - quad shotgun pistol hybrid x 1; Rothchild .45 semi- automatic pistol x 1.

Category: Warbot.
Unit type: Prototype security provision warbot.
Model type: Caesar MK 1.5
Designation: Apostle 8.
Manufacturer: The Rothchild Corporation.
Affiliation: The Rothchild Praetorian Guards - The Apostles; The Rothchild Internal Protection Garrison (R.I.P.), The Luna Defence Divisions.
Power plant: Rothchild Ultracompact Fusion Reactor.
Height: 8 feet.
Weight: 3500kg.
Armour type: Luna titanium hyper alloy. Super hardened ceramic steel composite alloy reinforcement.
Armour thickness: 150mm. Reinforcement head armour : 100mm.
Std. armaments: Hyper-auspex; Psychic hood; Protective mantle; Anti-electromagnetic barrier; Advance anti-tampering system; A.I. (Artificial Intelligence System); "The Worldbreaker" ROKKIT grenade launcher x 1; "The Widowmakers" - BIG PAM semi-automatic pistol x 2; "Mercy and Forgiveness" - Harmonic Knife x 2; "The Nightmare Mantle" - carbon nanotubes weaved mantle.

July 20th, 1944. Rothchild City, Luna. The N.O.M. Legion begins its assault on Rothchild City. The battle occurs at 3.03am Terra standard time as portals open from Yggdrassil, the webways weaved by the Supreme Mother. The N.O.M. Legion pours out in earnest, yet subterfuge like and move like wraiths. Key manufactorums are infiltrated, undetected by the Rothchild Corporation Luna Defence Divisions. Then with a single signal from the Supreme Mother, the N.O.M. saboteurs struck simultaneously. Massive explosions rip through the military complexes, manufactorums and logistic yards. Barguest de Plume makes his way to the location of  Darwin Rothchild. N.O.M.'s elites the such like the Death Watchers, the Dirty Deeds and various Chapters reveal themselves and engages in an intense battle and close combat with the numerous Rothchild  special duties divisions the likes of the 1st and 2nd Moon Unit Divisions. Attempts to signal for reinforcement and military assistance are unsuccessful as all communication lines are cut off. Space ports, lifeboats and power generators are being systematically destroyed. Rothchild thrown in everything he got. Armstrong warbots counter attack and held positions. But the might such as the likes of Garmr meant nothing could stop the N.O.M. Legion from destroying the massive military industrial complex. Caesar warbots Augustus 001 and Tiberius 002 engaged Garmr only to be cleaved apart by its Fenrir's Jaw battle axe. Caligula 003 decimates much of the N.O.M. Chapters despite their formidability and forms a defence line for the Luna, Shadow and Camo Divisions. The Red Wake itself seemingly nigh unstoppable with its pair of master crafted harmonic knives, Hunger and Slake, carving a path of mangled bodies and warbots until Garmr personally crushes the monster with an intense psychic detonation. Barguest de Plume, the Harbinger of Doom, the Warmaster whom is assigned by the Supreme Mother to carry out the campaign, succeed in breaching the highly reinforced dwelling of Darwin. Within the baroque deco interior walls, the Warmaster unleashes a psychic blast but Darwin anticipates Barguest and activates the Tachyons null particles which disrupt the psychic flow and direction. Though Darwin escapes with his life, he lost his right arm and eye. The Emperor of Rothchild screams out in pain. As Barguest is about to unleash another attack to kill Darwin, a massive roar and flash of light screams and soars across Luna. It is Abbadon, a super-massive scalar wave weapon of mass destruction. The Supreme Mother re-directs the blast and channels it onto Rothchild City, destroying one-third of the Luna in the process. Tonnes of debris dredge up reducing visibility to near zero. The Blanc Chapter commanders, Post Fire and Thrice Naut lead their legionnaires and succeed in deactivating the atmospheric and artificial gravity controls including the destruction of the Luna Dyson Sphere.
The Ecclesiarchy of Mars' Tannhäuser Gate defence line scouting ships begins to receive torrents of un-decipherable codes emitting from Rothchild City before total black out. Watch station commanders send scouting ships to Rothchild City and see the horror unfolding before them. Immediately two fleets carrying five fully armoured and mechanised divisions are deployed. However, the N.O.M. Supreme Mother activates Her sleeper cells embed amongst the Night Watch and Day Watch Divisions, causing unprecedented chaos amongst the fleets, but also reveals the true allegiance of the divisions which are excommunicated.
The N.O.M. Legion is running out time. The Supreme Mother foreseen the things yet to come in the many paths of the future and this is not their time yet. As Rothchild City defence crumbles, the leader of the N.O.M. orders the legionnaires to retreat back into the webway portals, much to the dismay of Barguest, an act which would plant the seed for him to walk the Path of Damnation, igniting the War of Unbelief causing irreversible near destruction of the N.O.M. Legion. As they retreat, a new threat emerges from the chaotic fights. A newly upgrade Caesar weeks ago by Darwin is unleashed into the battle. A Mk 1.5, with advanced specifications over the existing ones. A Nom di Sciple channels a psychic blast while simultaneously firing his .75 at it. With a sudden heave and speed unseen before on a warbot, it lands on top of the Nom di Sciple, crushing both his legs and tore off his Life-Mask with his face attaches to it. The Caesar simultaneously fires a grenade from his ROKKIT grenade launcher directed at one of the portals. It explodes with a fiery shower of crackling sparks, causing the portal to collapse. The vortex grenade succeed in negating Warp psychic energy. Only six N.O.M. psykers are alive and they begin to engage this new adversary. One of them tries to machine hack it but flames burst out from his helm and lenses due to the Null System anti-tampering device of the Caesar. Grunting and roaring, the Caesar swipes one of the N.O.M. psykers whom de-manifest from his position and re-appears behind the warbot in a spatial attack. But the Caesar seems to be capable of plotting out the teleportation path line with such accuracy that it turns and lunges out, gripping the N.O.M. in a death throes, squishing it while firing a grenade onto the remaining psykers. The detonation slows down the N.O.M. physical movements, for the grenade contains a small time-warp generator that creates a self-replicating time-warp or stasis-loop centred upon itself. The Caesar then fires a plasma grenade, which explodes with white, bright super heated detonation, vaporising the remaining four N.O.M. di Sciple. Darwin boards The Beagle, his personal Bugatti class escape ship with the Caesar on the look out. Garmr, seemingly everywhere at once, fly and arrives on the site. The momentum of his arrival smashes apart the Armstrong warbots defence line. The remaining Luna Defence Divisions throw themselves at Garmr, firing salvos after salvos of their hyper bazooka at the N.O.M. champion and High Marshall of the Host. Garmr simply wades and bludgeon through the throes of the warbots, each falling under its X70 heavy machine gun and Fenrir's Jaw batte axe. When the heavy machine gun runs out of ammo, Garmr uses it as a melee weapon in tandem with its battle axe. The Beagle enters FTL speed and launches away towards Terra. The Caesar MK 1.5 gives Garmr a middle finger before disappearing in split seconds within The Beagle. The Death's Head wants to give chase but the Supreme Mother forbades him.
Darwin replaces his missing arm with a cybernetic one. He intentionally leaves his missing right eye as it is, to serve as a reminder of what the N.O.M. has done to him. At a secondary manufactorum within the Himalayas, he begins to plot his next move. However it marks the decline of the Rothchild Corporation, which eventually splintered into thousands of its proxy corporate entities such as the likes of Hobson and Dolch Industries, Cordoza Corporation, and Herbert and Spencer Corporation. Nevertheless the event would lead to the rise of various political factions the likes of Martian Advocate or MARSA, Independence Colonies Group or ICG, comprising states fighting for independence from the Seven Nations and Anti-Mars Coalition or AMC which continues the battle against MARSA to regain back lost territories while anti N.O.M. faction such as the MOD which begins to make their influences and presence felt. Barguest de Plume would become disillusioned and severed all ties from the N.O.M. Legion, turning traitorous. His prodigy, The Fourth, would takes over his place after his death at the hands of the Supreme Mother, forming the primary traitor warband, The Bleeding Eye Legion, The Forth would become a champion of the Ruinous Powers, known as the Harrowmaster of Chaos.
The MK 1.5 Caesar utilises the same ultra-compact nuclear fusion reactor power plant. Its overall construction process is the same as R.I.P. series MK1 Caesars. The frames are produced under high temperature in zero gravity, with refinement process making it electrically neutral as well as non-ferrous and non-analysed matters adjusted under super precise nano-units with the annealing process involving electromagnetic wave channelled directly from Sol. Its armour comprised of the same Luna Titanium Hyper Alloy, a super high tensile alloy which are less prone to oxidisation, greater durability and strength, and unprecedented heat resistance and radiation absorption properties. MK 1.5 is slightly heavier than MK1 series due to additional reinforcement armour in the form of super hardened ceramic steal composite alloy. Yet it has greater manoeuvrability and improved optimum speed and to weight ratio. The magnetic coating technology is carried over from MK1, allowing the MK1.5 to repel its joint with zero friction up to 80%. With improved hyper auspex system, MK 1.5 could plot the trajectory of an enemy's projectile or energy weapon before it is fired apart from a 360 degree vision across all electromagnetic spectrum. The sensor range is wider with anti-interruption communication system, thus eliminating the need for the presence of a Square bot. Darwin incorporates a neuron detection system known as the psychic hood which allows MK 1.5 to detect and sense extra sensory perception, enabling it to defend itself and counter psychic attack. Discarding MK1 hyperlink between to a miniaturised Bertie mounted on the tip of a SMRTGUN, a MK1.5 now incorporates the "fire and forget" system directly within itself. The system would lock onto its target and fired at it while the Caesar moves on, avoiding even obstacles in its trajectory and path. Its A.I. System allows MK1.5 to autonomously self evolve continuously and improve its tasks, objectives and decision making process. Darwin calls it "Artificial Self Evolvement Process". Like all Caesars, it could perform self repair on the battle field or improvise base on the best tactical and strategic decisions without the presence of a Newel mechanic. There are less than ten functional MK 1.5 that day. The ones involved in the Battle of Rothchild City do not have Mountain Shields mounted on their shoulders as they are immediately deployed once assembled from the production line. With the SMRTGUN and CLAXTON 80 running out, the MK1.5 Caesar is basically equipped with a prototype ROKKIT warbot rocket propelled grenade launcher, a pair of Harmonic Knives and a pair of BIG PAM warbot class semi-automatic pistols. The ROKKIT grenade launcher possesses a level of raw destructive firepower far in excess of its class. It could be fitted and launch several different types of grenades through electromagnetic charge with near zero recoil. Rocket propelled grenade launchers benefit from their ability to fire ordnance on an arching trajectory, allowing their shots to clear obstacles and lay down suppressive fire on unseen foes as well as able to accurately hit targets several hundreds of meters away. It is capable of launching grenades almost as fast as the firer can pull the trigger. While a variety of common grenade types can be fired by grenade launchers they are almost universally loaded with frag and krak grenades.  Other types include anti-plant, blind, hallucinogenic, plasma, smoke, stun, virus and filament grenades. Their primary duty is to lay down suppressive fire and destroy light vehicles and buildings. The launchers are outfitted with adaptive targeters to compensate for the speed when the warbots are on the move.
The ROKKIT rocket propelled grenade launchers are comparatively superior weapon against conventional launchers, thanks to its superiority in range, accuracy and firing systems compared to other available weapons. Apostle 8 primary weapon is a customised grenade launcher known as "The Worldbreaker". It also wields a pair of Harmonic Knives which are master crafted, highly tuned, known as "Mercy" and "Forgiveness" an ironic names intentionally named. It emits sonic feedback akin to an electric guitar which would disorient its target before slashing it to ribbons. A pair of custom BIG PAM semi-automatic is also equipped for Apostle 8, known as "The Widowmakers" which have higher firing rate. Like all MK 1 Caesars, Apostle 8 wears a custom carbon nanotubes weaved protective mantle known as "The Nightmare Mantle". Unlike the uncontrollable, raging MK1 Caesar R.I.P. 003 Caligula the Red Wake, Apostle 8 possesses a cold demeanour and absolute adherence to logic with strategic and tactical prowess. It is regarded as an exceptional MK1.5 Caesar. It would process and plan before carrying out an act in sub-micro seconds, including when firing a projectile or energy weapon with absolute precision. MK 1.5 Caesars are envisioned by Darwin to be an "all rounder" warbots under his R.I.P.'s elite Apostles praetorians, from tactical roles to being a shock assault unit as part of a continuous step in the evolution of the killing machines he dreamt to achieve his goal of human advancement through the principle of extreme Social Darwinism.

This set arrived long ago. Time just permitted me to open it up and display it in all its glory. Glory? Yes, because buying a ThreeA item nowadays is a hit or miss when I receive the items in my hand. Unpredictable QC issues mainly. But this. Man. It hits the mark of awesomeness. I have had the previous set, the young Darwin and the 003, but sold off the later because it is just not up to my taste, and they didn't throw in the SMRTGUN. Just keep the young Darwin. Been hunting for a JEA 1/6th version ever since to complement my MIM JEA Superset but it is crazy expensive in the secondary market, if I could find one MIB. Back to this set. The Caesar is a MK1.5, the difference is that it has three additional "eye sensors" and "reinforced layer of armour". Sans the mountain shield though, which is the shoulder spaulder which comes with the MK1. But it doesn't matter. The digi camo colourway, the overall grimy look of it makes it one of the better WWR warbots to come out from 3A. The grenade launcher is ok. OK because while it is unique, I am a assault rifle and gatling guns kind of fans. I have no idea why the name Apostle 8 or the "x" symbol are there. The Dirty Deeds would cover the gatlings. But hope there would eventually be a Bramble with the gatling from 3A. As part of WWR Evol series, I appreciate this 1/6th scale very such. 3A hasn't been concentrating on WWR lately. And Darwin, man, it is a "battle damaged version", grimy and angry scowl all over him, lost any arm and eye. While the young version has a miniature Bertie, this mid-age version comes with two glow in dark Caesars. Comes with a comic book, art and story by Ashley Wood. Numbered issue 3, this is the first time I read a comic book by Ashley Wood, apart from the Strigoi booklet. Honestly, it makes no sense to me. Re-imagination is by me, based on WH40K mainly. The quad shotgun is from Hot Toys The Spirit, used by The Octopus. Officially, Darwin escaped to a "jungle". The forum fans said it is Columbia but who knows.