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ThreeA - Hex : Pumpkin Pi by Crystal Jade Vaughn.

Double, double toil and trouble, Hexy bathe and pumpkin bubble!
- write up from the box.

A (mis) interpretation:

Name: Morrigan.
Age: Unknown.
Alias: The Phantom Queen.
AffiliationThe Dark Elves of Naggaroth.
Abilities: Speed, dexterity, agility, strength; cunningness; master combatant; master strategist and tactician; magic manipulation; enchanted allure; healing factor; immortality.
Std. armaments: "The Sword of Khaine"- bleaksword x 1.

The Dark Elves or Dokkalfar are a race of harsh, warlike and vicious elves. They are the mortal enemy of their own kin, the Light Elves or Ljosalfar. In ages past, the Elves are once a united race comprising various clans and tribes. They are amongst the first sentient beings which come into existence when the world is still young. The Elves are similar to humans but with greater intellect, heightened sense of perception, physiology and closer empathy with nature itself. Physically, they are tall and lean, fair skinned with pointed ears and larger eyes. They have been described as one of the most enchanted looking race in existence. The Elves are immortal although they can be slaine or die of grief and weariness. They are immune to any form of diseases and heal rapidly from even the most grievous wounds as well as capable of surviving in harsh environments. The Elves built many great kingdoms on the young world which they eventually consolidated into a mighty empire, ruling over the other emerging races. They are also immune to any forms of magic attacks. But due to their heightened senses and keen sensitive mind, the Elves are successible to psychic attack and corruption from the Immaterium. Although Elves are way beyond a human in terms of speed, dexterity and strength, they are physically fragile. Famous adventurer and master of magic, William "Bleak" Mission once remarks that in theory, a strong punch could knock an Elf out cold, provided of course that individual could reach the Elf in the first place. When the forces of Chaos rampage across the world, lead by the mighty champion Belial from the Realm of the Ruinous Powers after the Chaos worshipping Fomorians summon a warp portal to open, it is the Elves that successfully defend the world and launch a counter attack against the foul beings, casting them back into the Immaterium through the warp portal, which is known as The Vortex of Ulthuan. They sealed it off with wards and enchanted spells. For millennia, the Elves rule over the other races, including the dwarves, the faeries and the firstborn humankind, the Hyborians. Eventually it is through their own hands that cause the collapse of their civilisation. Without any serious threats to their rule, the Elves become complacent, and through subtle corruption from secretive Chaos cultists of Ishtar, the goddess of pleasure and pain, lead them to indulge in extreme pleasure seeking acts of depravity and debauchery. These acts soon degenerate into excessive sadism through infliction of torture as well as murder. The boundless decadency of the Elves begin to empower further the influence of Ishtar within the Immaterium. Nevertheless a handful of Elves come to self realisation the degree of degenerative acts their own kins have fallen, and begin to distance themselves from the perverse practise. This group calls themselves The Eldar or The People of the Stars. They are soon joined by greater number of Elves. The Council of Phoenix, the ruling body of the Elves, having corrupted by the cultists of pleasures and pains, decrees the Eldar to be heretic under the influence of Chaos. They are captured, extensively tortured and executed. The Council also takes the opportunity to eliminate their political enemies through false accusations and executions without trials. These series of acts anger many Elves and soon the ranks of the Eldars begin to increase exponentially. Calling themselves the Light Elves, they begin to secretly make preparations to take on the Council and their armies. Three years later, the Elves Civil War breaks out, known as The Kinslayings or The Kin Strife. The war lasts seven standard years with victories achieve and defeats suffer by both sides. Finally on the seventh year, the Light Elves successfully break the back of the Council armies and utterly defeat them. The survivors scatter around the world but are hunted down. Without choice, they hide themselves deep beneath the mountains. Within the labyrinths of caverns, they carves out crude fortresses and buildings, establishing a city call Naggaroth. They comes across orcs and trolls whom they eventually enslave as well as forging an alliance with the lizard men. They face threats from the dwarves of Moria and skirmishes with them. Over the millennia, their skin turns purplish or bluish hue, and call themselves the Dark Elves. Then a Phoenix Overseer, Morrigan, is determined to exact revenge upon the Light Elves. She and her armies march out into the open, with hordes of orcs, trolls and lizard men. She also convinces the giant Fomorians,  the Jotnar of Jotunheim and the Titans into an alliance with her. Under her banner of the crescent moon, for Morrigan worships Mani the moon goddess, she leads her hosts into six major battles against the Ljosalfar. A mighty warrior priestess, Morrigan slay twenty Light Elves champions and six Princes. During the sixth battle, known as Dagor Nimaeth Amoediad or The Battle of Unnumbered Tears, Morrigan decides on a final gamble. She gathers her sorceresses and attempts to unravel the Vortex of Ulthuan. As Morrigan and her coven begin the dark ritual, the mages of the Light Elves intervene, weaving a powerful counter spells. The resulting magical backlash causes the terrible cataclysm known as The Sundering, of which massive tidal waves several thousands meters high strike major Elven kingdoms, drowning millions of Elves and other races, submerging great parts of the continents beneath the sea, forever changing the facet of the land. It effectively ends the Light Elves as a race, with only a handful of survivors. Seeing the destruction, the Nine Sisters unite together and lead the other great Houses, including The Dagda of the Tuatha De Danann, Woutan of the Aesirs, Dyaus of the Olympians and Gilgamesh of the Hyborians  to form the Last Alliance and wage The War of Wrath against Morrigan. She doesn't flinch. Instead she orders the Formorians to ambush the Tuatha De Danann amongst the green fields of Bru na Boinne, while the Jotnar engages the Aesirs at Asgard and the Titans assault Mount Olympus. The battle is so terrible that the world is thrown in utter destruction. Nevertheless, the Nine Sisters use all their might and Morrigan's defeat is so great that the Dark Elves and those under her banner are utterly annihilated. Morrigan and few survivors retreat back into the underworld of Naggaroth of which is protected by a powerful spell weaves by Morrigan herself. For the next few millennia, the Dark Elves are not seen nor heard of. They are a dwindling species, even though there are new born, the Dark Elves could never again regain back their former powers and glories. Their civilisation fall into despair, a primal like state. Morrigan becomes the Phantom Queen of Naggaroth. Having learnt of the Great Change, of which many of the first races which used to inhabits the land are no longer in existence or have gone to other worlds or dimensions, Morrigan focuses on exacting revenge on the descendents of the Hyborians, the current humankind. She has become mentally unstable by then, and her followers are extremely cautious of her fickleness and taste for sadistic, murderous inclination. This is partly due to her immortality as she has been in existence since the awakening of the Elves at the dawn of time. Her accumulated experience and knowledge are unparalleled, highly intelligent and outright devious with mighty combat skills. Morrigan makes Ishtar and Mani the primary goddesses to be worshipped by the Dark Elves, carrying out perverse rituals in their names. She is also an avatar of Khaine, the war god of the Elves. As such Morrigan is gifted with The Sword of Khaine, a master crafted Bleaksword made of nanocrystalline adamastos hyper alloy and contains the essence of the bloodlust god of war himself. It is an incomparably sharp and strong weapon, capable of cutting and slashing apart any physical object. She has also become a mistress of the dark arts of sorcery, capable of conjuring any forms of magic. Morrigan is extremely beautiful and she uses this to her advantage, manipulating and enchanting her targets, subjugate them to carry out her commands until she is bored of them, of which she would personally torture them alive, deriving pleasures from the sounds of their screams. When a herald of Crom Cruach and his entourage come uninvited into Naggaroth to seek her audience in her throne hall, Morrigan becomes agitated and simply cut apart the herald's head, severing it into half with a single swing of her sword. The entourage are killed on spot by Morrigan's own retinues. She then strips off her garbs and bath herself in the blood of the giant pumpkin head.


Crystal Jade Vaughn is one the latest creator and addition to the ThreeA roaster of artists. Hex is the first figure based on her ideas and illustrations, which are great. I have to forgo Sawyer and the milk carrying robot (which I forgotten the name) due to lack of funds. Anyway this figure is great with tight joints and good QC all around. There is a sword and a bath towel for her, yes a bath towel with a crescent moon symbol on it. It comes with a heavy Pumpkin head which is severed into half. I do not know what it is made of but incredibly heavy. And of course the bubbly bath cover. Initially I am at lost on how to pose her bathing in the pumpkin bath tub (he he). The purple bubbly bath cover also stained her chest of which I later uses acne cream to remove after I tried to use eraser to remove the stain. As a result, one of the skin suffers from peeling. Sigh. Later I learnt from the forum that I have to remove both her arms which I did and eureka, the bathing pose. The sword holding fingers are also fused together, but could be easily but carefully cut, using a penknife. The fan fiction self made silly background story is based on Games Workshop Warhammer universe, the Celtic and Irish mythology.

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ThreeA - The World of Isobelle Pascha : Anastasia "Bambi" Worthington.

With a flick of her switch she arched her back and moved seductively around her attic lair like a cat. Bambi, redheaded bombshell, my mistress and my nemesis all rolled into one. How could one who was so beautiful, also be so utterly power hungry and twisted?
- write up from box.

Hey! You know where I put it! Now use your tongue to get it out!
- write up from box.
Forget all about equality
Let's play master and servant
Let's play master and servant
It's a lot like life
And that's what's appealing
If you despise that throwaway feeling
From disposable fun
Then this is the one
Domination's the name of the game
In bed or in life
They're both just the same
Except in one you're fulfilled
At the end of the day
- Depeche Mode, Master And Servant.
A (mis) interpretation:

Name: Anastasia Worthington.
Alias: Red Bambi; The Herald of Ishtar.
Age: 23 years old.
Affiliation: The Neo-Libertine Movement; The SXCLB; The Nymphs.
Abilities: Lust manipulation; love manipulation; pleasure inducement; hormone manipulation; pheromone manipulation; semi-immortality.
Std. armaments: "Lash of Torment" - whip x 1; OMG - Anal plug/G-Spot Stimulator x 1; Handcuff x 2.
Anastasia Worthington is one of the foremost erotic practitioner in the world. She is an on and off again lover and sometime rival to Isobelle Pascha. A fellow nymph, she is a semi-immortal, capable of manipulating lust and pleasure upon a human. Also known as Red Bambi because of her natural fiery red hair, Anastasia is a dangerous individual. She would know no restrain when it comes to pleasure inducement. Contact with her would often results in the customers wasting away physically and emotionally. A mistress in the art of BDSM encompassing bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism, she is one of the most sought after ladies in The SXCLB, New Andria District 9 pleasure zone and the Kalifornication District in Pan Am City Two, United Americana. Anastasia favourite play thing she uses upon her customers are the "Lash of Torment". A normal looking whip which is bound with the essence of a Chaos daemonette she entrapped eons ago. The whip would induced unprecedented pain, follows by pleasure. It thrives on the pain and fear of the submissive, as well as projecting it around other individuals whom are within the vicinity. She also possesses the OMG, a magical anal plug/g-spot stimulator which is said to have been crafted by Aphrodite herself. It gives both her and Anastasia's customer unprecedented level of pleasure. Her customer would often ends up suffering from total physical and emotional breakdown. Anastasia would engage in debase, debauch and perverse rituals to appease Ishtar, the goddess of sexual love and pleasure.
As the herald of the goddess, Anastasia is sometimes at odds with Isobelle Pascha, the famous herald of the rival goddess, Aphrodite. Yet, Isobelle does not disapprove of her methods, for nothing is deemed too excessive even for her, but Isobelle isn't too keen regarding Anastasia's ambition, particularly her fondness to entrap and enslave the rogue sexroid, The Nablers under her command. Nevertheless, they would join forces to ward off the Satyrs. They are rivals in the SXCLB, each competing with another much to the chagrin of the owner, the dhampir Elaine von Sydow, eldest daughter of Baron Seth von Sydow, governor general of New Andria. Elaine eventually resolves not to get involved as long as the profits keep rolling in.
Another figure with erotic theme by 3A under their "Barbie Doll" line, The World of Isobelle Pascha. Have a hard time thinking up a mis-interpretation background self written fiction story for this character. Taken some infos from WH40K and mythology.   

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ThreeA - Popbot : Tomorrow Queens Irimi Natsu.

Last of her line.
Never let go or say goodbye.
Whisper navigator.
- promo write up.

A (mis) interpretation:

Category type: Mass production replicants.
Model type: The Tomorrow Queens - GEN 3.0
Unit type: Navigator TQ.
ID: Irimi Natsu (入り身夏)
Rank: Nee-san.
Manufacturer: The Luthor Beans Jr. Corporation.
Incept date: 24th October 1994.
Serial no: TQG03FAB24101994.
Longevity: 4 years.
Function: Close assault.
Physical level: A.
Mental level: B.
Abilities: Panzer Kunst - anti-armour martial art; superhuman physiology; Mekajiki (メカジキ) - swordplay.
Std. armaments: Monomolecular edged wakizashi x 2; Frag and Krak grenade x 3; Ion-cyclotron glove x 2.

Leviathan 1. A planetoid sized, Craftworld class interstellar space ship originally meant for migratory purpose, is permanently docked at Site L7. The only one of its kind, seven was originally planned to be constructed. Its construction is never completed. Over decades, it becomes populated with humans, cyborg outlaws and rogue traders with a thriving black market. It experiences a population boom during  the outbreak of The Great War. Having consumed so much budget to construct it, the Terra High Lords Council of Seven Nations decide to abandon the project and channel the budgets to the war effort instead. It becomes a derelict over the decades. But Leviathan 1 becomes an independent, self declared sovereign entity. The population there ensure maintenance of the life support eco-system within. 
In the mid-eighties, Queen Mortis awakens, a sexroid formerly known as Morgan le Fay, which is corrupted by a former Nine Sister, Morgause leading to the formation and threat of the Underverse, a real space-immaterium warp rift overlay situated on within part of the mainframe known as Camelot, signalling the beginning of a life and death battle between the human populations and machines, signalling the beginning of the Underverse War. A member of the Cognate Society, the dhampir lord, Luthor Beans Jr., through his company, begins to mass produced a form of superhuman replicants started by his late father, and bring it to the next level of biorobotic engineering, known as The Tomorrow Kings and Tomorrow Queens. By 1986, the first generation of the replicants begin their assault against the Mortis Legion machines. Terra mega conglomerates commercialise the War for profit, by calling it the Underverse Tournament.  It also serves to placate Terra and surrounding colonies populations as well as to distract them from the reality of the economic and societal decay due to the ongoing proxy wars after The Great War. The government later agreed to the proposal that whomever wins would claim Leviathan 1 and recognise officially as a sovereign nation. It proves to be immensely popular amongst the population of Terra and even Mars which officially ban the broadcasting of the War, leading to many sponsors for the Luthor Bean Jr. Corporation and its affiliates for product placements, usually in the form of clothing and accessories which serves as the primary funds for the corporation. The Tomorrow Kings and Queens replicants initially gained much victory over the Mortis Legion, pushing them back and striking deep into the Underverse along the Rust Belt within the Great Waste just 100 miles from Byssos, the eye of the warp rift.
But in 1994, Queen Mortis raised a new Legion which defeated many of the superhuman replicants, ushering in the Ten Years of Darkness period. The primary device which replicate the TKs and TQs known as the DNA Organ via gene seeding within the Hatcheries also begin to suffer from irreversible deterioration and repair which requires the Standard Template Construct (STC) datastacks scattered along the Waste. The deterioration also causes rampant mutation within the DNA gene sequencing of the replicants, causing the Interloper Effect. 
Yet Luthor Bean Jr. and the remaining replicants stand defiant, defending the last biorobotic manufactorum, Hatchery 51 located at Grid 7174, against the cold, remorseless machines. The War then become stagnant, with either side neither gain victory nor defeat. 
Irimi Natsu is a third generation TQ. A nee-san, she is a leading navigator with close assault abilities, responsible for spearheading the Undernaut TKs and TQs together with another TQ nee-san, Irimi Fuyu, striking deep into the heart of the Underverse Warp rift to destroy the Mortis Legion's manufactorums as well as retrieving long forgotten STC datastacks. Both Irimi series are psychologically and physically modified to withstand the effect of the Warp without the need for the Undernaut noh gas mask. They are issued with teleportation homer beacon which sync with the Undernaut TKs and TQs when carrying out a mission. One of their greatest achievement is laying devastation upon a major manufactorum, Xena II and secure several key STCs near Byssos.
During a mission into the overlay, some of the Irimi series TQs were captured by the Mortis Legion, leading to the Queen Mortis corrupted version known as Irimi Hoaxers. They are easily recognisable with their Underverse mask but equally deadly and as dangerous as their corrupt free counterparts.
Irimi Natsu is a deadly close assault TQ. Apart from being a master Panzer Kunstler, she possesses a unique sword technique known as the Swordfish or Mekajiki.  Its basic is based on one of the six principles of an ancient Terra Eastasian martial art. It involves entering deeply around or behind an attack to defuse or neutralize the attack. Irimi would blend with or enter into an opponent’s attack to become one with the opponent’s movement and leaving the opponent with nowhere to strike. This movement is utilized during the moment of the opponent’s attack. To complete the movement, she moves out of the opponent's line of attack to the opponent’s blind spot. Executed with precision, Irimi can strike her opponent with great force, combining her attacking momentum and one's forward movement within split nano seconds through her dual wakizashi. 
Irimi Natsu and Fuyu are generally recognised as one of the last of the true third generation replicants from Hatchery 51 via the DNA Organ method of biorobotics engineering through gene seeds in vitro replication process.
And here's another TQ from ThreeA. Never have had enough of them though. My only gripe is the "old school" box design so favoured by ThreeA. It is completely sealed with a single large piece of sticker wrapping around the box. To open it I have no choice but to cut it open.

ThreeA - WWR SOTF : Bertie MK2 Dirty Deeds V2 Two.

The tempter or the death, who sins the most?
- write up from the box.

The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?
- Edgar Allan Poe

Major John Reisman: (briefing the dozen) And kill any officers in sight.
Victor R. Franko: Ours or theirs?
- The Dirty Dozen (1967).

A (mis) interpretation:

Category type: Warbot.
Unit type: Mass production tactical assault warbot.
Model type: Bertie MK2.
Designation: Dirty Deeds Nummer zwei Vladek.
Alias: Die Kopfjäger.
Manufacturer: The Rothchild Corporation.
Affiliation: Terra Coalition Forces - various divisions (former); Die Grau Tatengruppen - The N.O.M. Legion (former); Der Schwarztaten Einsatzgruppen - Das dreckige Dutzend warband (current).
Powerplant: Twin turbo BRINK supercharger diesel engine.
Armour type: Super hardened ceramic steel composite alloy.
Armour thickness: 150mm.
Height: 7 feet.
Weight: 2000 kg.
Std. armaments: "Trejo D" - GOREMASTER machete x 2; "Dirty Harry" - NUTCRACKER revolver x 2; Auspex - multi-sensors; Psychic Hood - psychic null system; Signum - communication device;  Maschinen Segne Task Intelligence System v.2; teleporter beacon x 1.
The second of the Dirty Deeds Dirty Dozen arrive couple of days ago. Like the first one, great bot with fine joints box fresh. This one comes with double revolvers/pistols, one machete and three severed heads. Subtle differences to tell one apart from another. This one war paint is worn off on the upper portion and instead of the gatling gun ammo container, the backpack is the diesel engine. The box is in mint condition, unlike the first. Nice.

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ThreeA - WWR SOTF : Bertie MK2 Dirty Deeds V2 One.

It's impossible to consider living without ideals.
However, when ideas lead to ideology, that's a very dangerous thing.
Ideology then leads to creating the image of an enemy, and it leads to the murder and massacre that we've seen since the beginning of time.
- Michael Haneke

To hunt a devil, you need a pack of devils.
- promo write up.

Fear no more the heat o' the death, nor the furious winter's rages.
- write up from the box.

If found, return to Hell.
- The Dirty Deed.

Major John Reisman: (Kinder has just finished a psychiatric evaluation of Reisman's troops) So what does that give you?
Capt. Stuart Kinder: Doesn't give me anything. But along with these other results, it gives *you* just about the most twisted, anti-social bunch of psychopathic deformities I have ever run into!
Major John Reisman: Well, I can't think of a better way to fight a war.
- The Dirty Dozen (1967).

A (mis) interpretation:

Category type: Warbot.
Unit type: Mass production tactical assault warbot.
Model type: Bertie MK2.
Designation: Dirty Deeds Nummer eins Franko.
Manufacturer: The Rothchild Corporation.
Affiliation: Terra Coalition Forces - various divisions (former); Die Grau Tatengruppen - The N.O.M. Legion (former); Der Schwarztaten Einsatzgruppen - Das dreckige Dutzend warband (current).
Powerplant: Twin turbo BRINK supercharger diesel engine.
Armour type: Super hardened ceramic steel composite alloy.
Armour thickness: 150mm.
Height: 7 feet.
Weight: 2000 kg.
Std. armaments: "The Devil's Laughter" - GUSTAV ONE assault cannon x 1; "Trejo D" - GOREMASTER machete x 1; "Dirty Harry" - NUTCRACKER revolver x 1; Auspex - Multi-sensor; Psychic hood - psychic null system; Signum - communication device; Maschinen Segne Task Intelligence System v.2; teleporter homer beacon x 1.

The Einsatzgruppen is formed by the Supreme Mother of the N.O.M. (Nitor Obduro Macto) Legion during the early phase of the Great War between Terra and Mars. It is an elite group with separate hierarchical structure from the standard Chapters of N.O.M. It is a commando division which primary function is to undermine both the Terran and Martian armed forces. They gain notoriety for being brutal and uncompromising in both the tactics and strategies use to achieve their objectives. The Supreme Mother sees it as a means to greater goods, a price worth paying, a decision of which, though possessing a near omnipotent all-seeing psychic abilities to foresee the various paths of the future, to Her later much regret and guilt.
The Einsatzgruppen initially comprises the elite Dark Deeds group or Die Grau Tatengruppen, lead by Noir de Plume. Like their namesake, they carry out various acts of sabotages and subterfuge destruction of both Terran and Martian armies.
Later as the Great War grinds on, the Einsatzgruppen becomes more and more independent in carrying out their objectives as Noir de Plume and his first disciple, the then Nom di Sciple, Barguest, begins a series of iconoclastic acts and population massacres of unprecedented level across the battle fronts in the name of the Legion. Shortly before his death, Noir de Plume, whom by then had been corrupted by the Ruinous Powers of Chaos through the influence of Kuan ti Plume, the First of the Fallen, re-named the group, the Dirty Deeds. By then the group has grown so large in numbers, comprising the most fanatical members of the Legion and machine spirit blessed warbots. Barguest is nominated to replace Noir, becoming the new Nom de Plume of the group. The Harbinger of Doom as he is also known, leads the Dirty Deeds to unprecedented successes but increasingly independent of the instructions or commands from the Supreme Mother, much to the dismay of majority of the N.O.M. commanders and other Nom de Plumes. Garmr, High Marshal of the Host himself personally petitioned to the Supreme Mother the potential risks which he has foreseen, even the Death's Head himself leads an equally independent elite sub-group, the Deathwatchers, but  the Supreme Mother gives only a vague reply.
After the Assault on Rothchild City at Luna in 1944, the War of Unbelief occurs, which effectively splintered the Legion apart and the death of Barguest de Plume, whom by then has laid down the seed of The Path of the Damned to his fanatical followers, particular his Nom di Sciple, The Fourth, whom forms The Bleeding Eyes Legion comprising former traitorous legionnaires of  the N.O.M. Legion, and continuously unite various traitor warbands together to form a united front as the Harrowmaster of Chaos to assault the Legion asteroid fortress monastery. The Dirty Deeds is effectively destroyed as a cohesive group during the civil war amongst the Legion, roaming throughout the Sol System as members of various warbands.
As of 1950, the remaining members of the Dirty Deeds have been hunted down and eliminated by The Unforgiven. However, twelve traitor legionnaires survives and are captured. Instead of being put down, the Supreme Mother decrees that these twelve individual Bertie Mk2 renegades would be unleashed against the Legion enemies as a form of suicide squad to atone for their betrayal. Known as The Dirty Dozen, the twelve Bertie Mk2 warbots are sent to Mars sector on a mission to take out an Adeptus Mechanicus manufactorum on Phobos. A device is customised and implanted into each of them, which could acts as a form of control which could immobilise them with a remote psychic signal.
Unfortunately the mission fails from the start, as the drop pod's void shield is penetrated by the surface to orbit lascannon from Mars twin defense ring. The Dirty Dozen survives however, and the flaming drop pod lands violently on Mars itself. They continue their supposed mission but with a twist. Their Task Intelligence Systems have been corrupted to the extent of making them being schizophrenic and if the term is applicable to a warbot, an all out sociopathic warbots with cold and all destroying hunger. They still think they are carrying out the war on behalf of the Legion. The control device is taken off and they become an uncontrollable independent warband once more. The Unforgiven elites continue to hunt for them and so are the Frateris Militia but each of the twelve has been retro-fitted with Psychic Hood, a form of psychic null system, making their machine spirit totally invisible to any tracing. Each members of The Dirty Deeds also has a built in teleporter homer beacon, enabling them to teleport at a certain distance.
The Dirty Dozen answers to no one, only carrying out wanton acts of massacres and destructions across Mars with reasons, if any, known only to themselves. They later taken control of a Warp tainted destroyer class ship known as The Despoiler which serves as their primary transport. The Despoiler appearance is usual precedent by the formation of ionised clouds of the Warp portal. It is a living ship, with its own sentiency believe to be of daemonic nature and incredibly resilient with self healing ability. Each of the surviving Dirty Dozens possess their own post modified built in teleporter homer beacon, enabling them to travel certain distance and use them tactically during battle. They primarily carry out an assault in twelve, never individually, and with tactical and strategic cohesiveness worthy of a veteran N.O.M. commander and his or her Chapter. Each Dirty Dozen has a built in communication device known as Signum. It allows them to access a myriad of useful battlefield targeting data and pass that information on to their companions, allowing for more accurate and coordinated fire without the requirement of a Square bot.  While useful on its own, pairing a Signum with the interconnected autosenses of the Dirty Dozen allows them to strike their foe with deadly and inescapable coordinated precision.
The Dirty Dozen doesn't have ranks but are numbered one to twelve amongst themselves. Whomever that branded them with death mask war paints on their armour ensure each decals are subtly different. They curiously still retain the N.O.M. Legion's Trinity purity seals on them. Each are equal to another, with programmed warped sense of objective. When a Dirty Dozen member is fallen during an assault, another Bertie MK2 would be captured to replace it. There have been suggestions that a yet unknown force is in control of The Dirty Dozen. Suspects include The Fourth of the renegade Bleeding Eye Legion, the MOD faction and even Darwin Rothchild himself. The most probable reason as proposed by Thrice Naut, the Blanc Chapter N.O.M. Commander is that this is the will of the Supreme Mother. Their existence must have borne some reasons. He is not far from wrong.
Each Dirty Dozen renegade Bertie MK2 carries with them both close and long range weapons. A favoured melee weapon is a GOREMASTER warbot class machete known as "Trejo D", of which The Dirty Dozens use to cut and slash their targets with berserk fury. Unfortunate decapitated human heads are collected and kept as trophies. The sight of decapitated human heads also serves as a form of psychological terror upon their enemies.
The "Dirty Harry" NUTCRACKER class revolver is a hand-held ballistic anti-personnel weaponry. It is a powerful assault weapon that fires explosive kinetic rounds colloquially referred to as bolts. The weapon is fearsome, with explosive rounds capable of ripping through or blowing apart a foe. Powerful and utilitarian side arms, NUTCRACKER has seen service within many of the Terra Coalition's military forces since its inception early into The Great War. The NUTCRACKER is commonly used in conjunction with the machete by The Dirty Dozen to make them into melee combat specialists. However it's ammo chamber carries only 6 to 10 rounds of standard Bolt rounds. 
For close to medium range assault, they used the GUSTAV ONE assault cannon,  a ballistic three-barrelled, self-loading rotary gun, effective against infantry targets and light vehicles. It is a standard designed assault cannon, retaining the distinctively long, cylindrical, rotating barrels. It is introduced in the early phase of the Great War, to be used and compliment the Harold warbots autocannon. Although it lacks the range of the autocannon and many other Rothchild Corporation designed heavy weapons, the GUSTAV ONE is a fearsome weapon when used at the close to medium range role from which it was intended to be fired. Its enormous rate of fire enables it to literally shred its way through most targets, punishing them with up to 2000 rounds per minute of 30mm ammunition with a maximum range of 1000 meters. GUSTAV ONE are extremely potent at medium-to-close range, against armoured infantry and moderately armoured vehicles. The assault cannon's massive rate of fire can allow it to chew through armour that would normally be impenetrable to a weapon of its calibre. The assault cannon is well suited to the battlefield role, providing a massive rate of fire which often compensates for the enemies' vast superiority in numbers. In confined environments providing long corridors of fire, the assault cannon is invaluable. The roar of the assault cannon while firing gives it the name "The Devil's Laughter". However, the weapon is prone to overheating and jams due to its high rate of fire. The barrels and other firing components are made of a heat-dispersing ceramic/metallic alloy, helping the weapon to withstand the intense heat generated by its high rate of fire. Despite this, the barrels still reach temperatures of over 300°F. Due to the high rate of wear on the barrels, the barrels are usually replaced after every mission. Motor and barrel failure are common problems with the GUSTAV ONE, making the weapon prone to jamming during sustained bursts. Its weight and recoil also makes it difficult to control at times. But this is recompense by the powerful servos, recoil compensators and stabilizers built into a Bertie MK2 to carry the weapon into battle. The high rate of fire makes the assault cannon unsuitable for extended engagements when used, as the ammunition carried is quickly exhausted.  Regardless, "The Devil's Laughter" epitomises the deadliness of the Dirty Dozen which teleport behind the enemy's front line and open up with fully-automatic fire, spreading carnage and terror. The logistic shortcomings of the assault cannon are far outweighed by its destructiveness in combat and its effect on enemy morale.  The standard ammunition fired is a cased round, comprising a dense metallic core covered in a non-metallic composite sheath with a diamantine tip. This provides excellent penetration capabilities against light and personal armour. 
As of 1955, they have carved out a path of death and destruction across Mars. The Dirty Dozen is last seen on Mars by the only surviving member of the Frateris Militia ambushed by them along the Aeolian Coast. Shortly thereafter, when the N.O.M. Legion succeed in locating Darwin Rothchild's latest location, the Dirty Dozen disappeared from Mars altogether. Later, the Anti-Mars Coalition (AMC), Mars Advocates (MARSA) and the Independent Countries Group (ICG) forces begin to report the sightings of a group of twelve unknown allegiance Bertie MK2 wreaking havoc across the jungles of southern United Americana. The AMC would responds by raising an elite unit from the CIvic Defence Force known as The S9 selected from the 13th Calvary Regiment.


Finally. My first Bertie MK2. In 1/6th scale. And in Dirty Deeds colourway. I have been desiring a Bertie MK2 ever since I seen it in ThreeA's WWRp and 3AGO scale. Alas non was coming. Until now. And have been a fan of the Dirty Deeds since I saw the first ever Bertie released by ThreeA. Bertie is an icon for me personally. Its by now classic design by Ashley Wood (which co-incidentally reminds me of R2D2), is timeless. I missed out the Bertie MK3. I have since sold off the 1/6th Sand Devil Bertie MK3 Mode B of which I bought from secondary market as I felt it could not fit into my personal WWR universe, either from colourway perspective or my own self made up background fictional story. Would love a JEA but secondary prices are just too high. This is the first of twelve but I wouldn't hold my breath for ThreeA to actually complete the dozen. Oh, they are also known as The Dirty Dozen for there are twelve of them, looking alike but subtle differences in face war paints, and more or less same weaponries. As well as the severed heads. As of date, three have been released and pre-ordered, but when it was first announced, ThreeA said a monthly release schedule which true to their business style nowadays, the fourth one still hasn't been announced. Just like the Seven Bones, which is just one member away from completion. The unpredictability of ThreeA is sometimes hard to cope.  Another example would be the 2000AD's ABC Warriors. When Mongrol in 1/6th was first announced for pre-order, I was excited and the description clearly stated one of seven. Currently, not only has it been relegated to a 1/12th scale, there are no further news on the remaining members. Now back to this figure. It would be awesome, though wallet draining, with the ringgit freefalling right now, to see all twelve together. Finger cross it would be fulfilled. But no expectation. Number two is on its way but not in post yet. And there is Number three still in production I guess. The figure is sturdy, tight joints box fresh though there are some paint locks which I need to pivot carefully. But the irony is over time, based on my experience, most robots with rotating ball joints would become loose if played with too much. And the paint would also get wet if not well kept in good condition. The box which my figure comes with is not mint at all if there is any nit picking. It looks like a used box. It is not an imposing robot but still exudes the menacing feel. Maybe due to its colourway and official background story by Ashley Wood. Comes with an awesome gatling gun, a machete, revolver and three severed heads of which Ashley first announced in his Instagram that would be made available if the response is good. I guess it did. This is one those classic WWR robots from ThreeA which hopefully I would be able to keep for good. Just like Caesar MK1.5. Some recent WWR scaled robots are just not my cup of tea. But this grimy, oil stained, chipped paint robot harks back to what I love about WWR robot. The WWR line has been side tracked recently, with focus on smaller scaled WWRp and 3AGO. Here's hoping ThreeA would release more WWR scale robots in near future. Oh, by the way, this is "Phase Three" of the WWR storyline, called SOTF or Survival Of The Fittest after the short lived EVOL. All personal background story based on WH40K and what bits of information I could gather from the forum or website on the official story, which I didn't read nor have.

ThreeA x Die Antwoord - Popbot: World of Meta Popbot Da Ninja Tomorrow King.


I'm a ninja, yo, my life is like a video game
I maintain when I'm in the zone
One player, one life on the mic, limited time
Go ninja, go, no f***in' around
I'm cutting down anyone in my path
Trying to f*** up my game
With razor sharp lyrical throwin' stars
Jirre my flow's hot
Hostile, wild out of control
Ninja skop befokte rof taal
Rough ryhmes for tough times
Met fokkol kos, skraal
Till I hit triple 7 at the ATM
Straight famine or feast
When you living on the razor edge
Stay sharp sharp
- Die Antwoord, Enter The Ninja.

A mis-interpretation:

Category type: Prototype replicant.
Model type: Metaverse Tomorrow King - GEN 1.0
Unit type: Die Antwoord TK.
ID: Da Ninja.
Rank: Shateigashira.
Affiliation: Die Antwoord - rap rave artist (former); The 32nd Battalion, United Kingdom of Afrika - Terra Anti-Mars Coalition Force (former); Neo-Zoroaster Movement / Independent Countries Group (ICG) (current).   
Manufacturer: The Luthor Bean Jr. Corporation.
Incept date: 8th June 1998.
Serial no: TKG01MAC000000MTAVRS.
Longevity: Unknown.
Function: Tactical assault.
Physical: Level A.
Mental: Level C.
Abilities: Panzer Kunst - anti-armour martial art; superhuman physiology.
Std. armaments: "The Answer" - monomolecular edge katana sword x 2; "Zef" - cacophony mic x 1; Ion-cyclotron power glove x 2.

5th November 1998. The Assault of Manchester has taken 1000 days with millions of casualties. The Civil Defence Force and EMGY TRG divisions have been defeated and so is Archduke of Albion City, Samael Bridger, which has turned into a Chaos Spawn and his essence contained in the form of a sock puppet by Lady Sham during the final attack within the Palace of Thorns. The ICG (Independent Countries Group) faction, together with the Neo-Zoroaster Movement have achieved victory much to the dismay of the Terra High Lords of the Seven Nations Council. The battle marks the beginning of revolutionaries fighting for independence throughout Albion which later spreads through Europa and eventually throughout the globe.
Da Ninja stands amongst the smoking ruins of destroyed defence bunkers and nests of pillboxes outside the Palace. He pulls down his combat trousers and shows the world his erected, tattooed genital as a personal symbol of triumph. A "f*** you to the world" sort of thing for him. Noname looks on bemused. He is the second Metaverse TK, a new series of replicants which involves the gene seeding process through implantation into a normal human host which turns them into a superhuman with a TK or TQ extraordinary abilities. As Luthor Beans Jr and the remaining TKs and TQs fight a desperate defence against the Mortis Legion during the Ten Years of Darkness, Lady Sham ensures the legacy of the superhuman replicants are maintained on Terra. She is leading the ICG to fight for independence from the authoritarian aristocratic rules of the Seven Nations as well as the Ecclesiarchy of Mars theocratic totalitarian colonised sectors while the Anti-Mars Coalition continues to battle MARSA or Mars Advocates to regain back lost territories from the Ecclesiarchy during the Great War which has since evolved into global proxy wars involving numerous factions. 
Da Ninja was formerly attached to the notorious 32nd Battalion of the Burgstown Front, United Kingdoms of Afrika. His name based on the Terra Anti-Mars Coalition ID is Tudor W. Jones. He possesses a brutal personality, often considered a borderline sociopath with anti-authoritarian attitude. He is a former rap-rave artist before being drafted. As a grunt, he has been reprimanded several times for disciplinary actions. Nevertheless, Da Ninja possesses his own set of moral codes and honour. He would not hesitate to do what is right, even at the risk of his own life.
After his transformation into a Metaverse TK, Da Ninja is ranked second to Noname, the first Metaverse TK. As one of the champions of Lady Sham, Da Ninja is without doubt deadly in battle. Apart from Panzer Kunst anti-armour martial art to smash and punch apart warbots, he yields his unique master crafted pair of monomolecular katana swords known as "The Answer" with brutal precision. At one point in a combat, he singularly cut down two divisions of warbots and grunts. A unique aspect of Da Ninja is that he also uses an experimental psycho-sonic weapon in the form of a cacophony mic. Known as "Zef", Da Ninja would use it to emits dangerous and savage sonic frequency waves which could be tuned to disorient his targets up to rending them apart physically. It is an unpredictable and unstable weapon however, and anything caught within the sonic wave path frequency would be blasted apart. Da Ninja unpredictable personality and behaviour which are carried over, sometimes causing tensions amongst his own comrades, particularly a unexplainable hatred towards the equally anarchistic TK and TQ, The Search and Destroy series.
Die Antwoord (Afrikaans for "The Answer") is a South African rap-rave group formed in Cape Town in 2008. The group was formed by rappers Ninja and Yolandi Visser (often stylized as Vi$$er) and DJ Hi-Tek. Die Antwoord's image is based on a counterculture movement known as zef in South Africa, and incorporated elements of the work of photographer Roger Ballen.
Die Antwoord released their debut album, $O$ (2009), online for free and attracted international attention for their music video for "Enter the Ninja". After briefly signing with Interscope Records, they founded in 2011 their own label Zef Recordz, and released their second and third studio albums, Ten$Ion (2012) and Donker Mag (2014).
This TK is a collaboration between the group and ThreeA based on Watkin Tudor Jones, best known as Ninja of Die Antwoord whom is a South African rapper, record producer, and actor. In 2015, Jones, along with Yolandi Visser, costarred in Neill Blomkamp's science-fiction film Chappie.
While I personally can't appreciate the rap-rave genre, this figure is excellent. Covered with tattoos, it is good because the figure is box fresh sturdy with tight joints, unlike certain earlier figures from ThreeA. Comes with standard two katana swords and a mic, what shocked and surprised me is the inclusion of a attachable genital, yes, genital with tattoos on it. This is not described in the preorder description, which heightened the shock value more. After the SXCLB set which comes with a strap on dildo, and the two sets Isobelle Pascha Lonely In The Night set whatever, ThreeA really raised the bar this time, pun intended. I wonder if the tattoos are really based on the real person. I shouldn't even think about it. Even the box art shown it, which I initially didn't noted. As usual, all background based on infos from Wiki about Die Antwoord, Games Workshop's WH40K universe and Battle Angel Alita. Now I wish ThreeA would release a TQ version of Yolandi Visser.