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DAM Toys - Gangsters Kingdom GK010: Diamond 4 Milevsky.

Hold the sword in hand, meeting Death with a smile...
- Milvesky.

A (mis) interpretation:

Chapter 4: The War Began.
Section 4: The Cruelty of War.

Nikolai Milvesky was in the Spetsnaz and ran a secret police wing for several years before the fall of the Soviet Union. Milvesky then becomes a mercenary for hire, working for a major Russian mafia group back by a powerful oligarch from behind the scene. Milvesky is a sociopath with zero empathy. He was an orphan but upon the death of his foster parents, of which the Moscow police investigators believe but without tangible proof that was perpetrated by Milvesky, he was sent to an orphanage where the constant abuse and poor living conditions forged him into currently who he is. A physical giant, Milvesky possesses a certain degree of cunningness and intellectual skills. Rumour has it that when he was recruited into the Spetsnaz, the training officer had him expelled to the icy coldness of the Siberian wilderness near the Artic Circle for a week due to an indiscipline conduct. Despite the extreme conditions, Milvesky survives and legend has it that he killed a polar bear with his sheer bare hands, which could be true as he has several severe scar tissues all over his body which matches the claws of a bear. This leads to his nickname, "The Ice Beast". He has a tattoo of a bear across his broad muscular chest.
Milvesky manages the mafia's underground martial art games where participants fight to their death. He would personally participate in these games and enjoy breaking the bones of his opponents before killing them. It is in one of these games that he becomes acquainted with Alger, the only person whom could defeat Milvesky, thus earning his respect. As for Alger, he sees in Milvesky a great potential as an ally for his upcoming grand plan to destroy the Spades Family.
When Alger turns traitor and joins the Diamond Family as their Diamond 2, he seeks out Milvesky to recruit him into the group. Milvesky doesn't need much convincing as he sees Alger's plan to be perfect for him to exercise his ever unquenchable thirst for murders and mayhem. He is assigned as the 4 of Diamond. Together with Alger, and Juarez, the 3 of Diamond, they form a formidable triptych which would alter the power structures of the Four Families in the City forever. Although Alger is ranked the lowest, he would held highest authority and leadership over all of them outside the knowledge of Diamond K.
After the severed hand of Spade 3 with a note that Spade 4 is being held hostage at a secluded cabin is sent to the Spades Family, Ada, the sister of Spade J, Ogier and herself the Spade 6, quietly discussed a plan to carry out a rescue and retaliation mission despite objection from the Spade K and the Ace of Spade. Regardless, the Q of Spade sees this as an opportunity to get rid of Ada, the daughter of Spade K and succeed in convincing Spade K to allow them to proceed with the plan.
The mission is led by Harry Muller, the Spade of 7, a veteran of the family. Harry, a former SAS, has a bad feeling that Spade 4 are already dead. And all this is a ruse set up by the Diamond Family to start a war against the Spades Family. What he wants to know is who the real perpetrator behind this. He selects twelve members for this mission, including Ada whom insists on proving her own self worth to the Family despite Harry's hesitation.
When they arrives at the cabin, the Spades take positions around the place. The Red Baron, Spade 5, takes up a sniping position which gives him a good overview and angle except for a second cabin. Six members lead by Harry approach the cabin. He has secretly modified the large case carrying the money. Entering the cabin, he sees Juarez, the Diamond 3 and two Diamond members. Harry puts the case on the table and unzip it, showing the Diamond 3 piles of dollar bills wrapped in plastic. Juarez signals one of the Diamond members whom whistle out to a nearby sawmill. Ada looks in horror as two badly mutilated bodies are carried out and thrown onto the muddy ground. Suddenly the Mexican draws out a knife and throws it at Harry who dodges in time. The Butcher then draws out both his machete and attempts to cut apart Harry but the Spade 7 has rigged the suitcase with a hidden shotgun of which he immediately open fire. The shot kills one of the two Diamonds in a cloud of bloods but Juarez dodges in time, the bullet only grazes his arm. The Diamond 3 engages Harry but could not match the former special force veteran of war. They parried for a split second before Spade 7 impale the Mexican with his own knife onto the table and then pushes the remaining Diamond against the wall, firing the mini uzi hanging on his waist. Juarez pulls out his injured right palm and escapes from the cabin. Members of the Diamond Family begins to emerge from their own hiding place and open fire at the Spades Family members.
Suddenly a RPK machine gun is firing into the cabin. Harry sees a huge man hiding just behind the opposite cabin. He kicks the table down as cover as hail of bullets fly across the cabin. Spade 5 shoots down as many Diamond members as possible but could not get a clear shot against the hidden RPK machine gunner. Harry orders Spade 5 to cover Ada and retreats from the woods to an awaiting Land Rover. The Red Baron blood goes cold when he sees a trail of white smoke flying towards the cabin. 'RPG!!!' he yells into the intercom. Harry immediately jumps through the back window as the entire cabin explodes. He is thrown into the air by the explosion and strafed by wood splinters. One of the Spade members drag Harry behind a pile of woods. The explosion has ruptured Harry's eardrum, and bloods are pouring out from numerous wounds all over his body, arms and legs. The pile of wood begins to shatter and split apart as bullets from the RPK begins to fire non stop at it. The severely injured Harry could then see him. A dirty blonde giant carrying his RPK, pacing out from the smokes. He keeps strafing towards the woodpile, smashing it apart. The Spade member tries his best to return fire but could not get a proper aim. He empties his final clip. And so is Spade 7.
Harry and the Spade crew have no choice but to raise up their arms and surrender. Although severely injured, Spade 7 struggles to stand up. He sees Milvesky. 'I'm all yours. But let him go,' says Harry to the Beast. A round of fire goes off at the Spade member's head and falls to the ground. Without a word, Milvesky throws away all his weapons and tosses a giant dagger towards Harry's feet. 'If you were to die, die as a fighter, deduskha.' Harry picks up the dagger and lunges at Milvesky. The Russian dodges the stabbing stance, grabs Harry and slams him onto the ground. He then breaks Spade 7's right arm and snaps the wrist. 'Get up. I know you got more in you than this. Despite the injuries,' Milvesky mocks Spade 7. Trembling with blurry vision, Spade 7 grips his dagger tightly with his left hand, calm and with a hint of smile, dashes toward Milvesky. The Beast dodges, but Harry delivers two deep cut onto the Russian's chest. But Milvesky is fully cladded in motorcycle armour suit. Spade 7 tries to stab Diamond 4 once more but the latter blocks it, slapped away the dagger and breaks Harry's left arm. Milvesky then delivers three successive punches across Harry's face. As Harry lies on the ground, Milvesky stomps onto his stomach, causing Spade 7 to vomit blood. He then hauls up Spade 7 and brings him down with all his strength, breaking Harry's spine with his knee. 'You disappoints me, deduskha. Now, you've my permission to die,' says Milvesky as he wraps his massive hands around Harry's throat, lifts him up and squeeze. The sound of neck breaking is heard. From afar, Ada's tears stream down her eyes as Spade 5 frantically pulls her away into the Land Rover as members of the Diamond Family close in.
At the City's airport arrival hall, a man in shades and paperboy cap walks toward a cab. 'Where to?' asks the cabbie. 'Hell,' replies Ogier.


This is the third Diamond members I got recently under DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom series. It is caricature version of Dolph Lundgren, and most likely based on his role from The Expendables movies. He is wearing a motor cycle safety jacket, motorcyle pants and boots, and various weapons. The mis-interpretation is based on the write up on the box as well as a hint of the bad ass guy from The Equalizer.

Hot Toys MMS279 - Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope : Darth Vader.

When you light a candle, you also cast a shadow.
- Ursula K. Le Guin.

I find your lack of faith in the Force disturbing.
- Darth Vader.

No, I am your father.
- Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker.

The blackest brother in the galaxy.
- Hooper X, Chasing Amy.

A (mis) interpretation:

Name: Anakin Skywalker.
Alias: Darth Vader.
Age: 46 years old.
Affiliation: Padawan Apprentice (former), Jedi Knight (former), Jedi Master (former) - The Jedi Order; General - 3rd Legion, Grand Army of the Republic, Galactic Republic (former); Sith Apprentice (former); Sith Lord (current); Lord Commander - 501st Legion "Vader's Fist", Galactic Empire (current).
Standard armaments: Lightsaber x 1; Armour of Despair x 1; The Despoiler Helm x 1; The Death Mask x 1; cybernetic enhanced physiology.
Abilities: Master force wielder; master lightsaber combatant; master military strategist and tactician; leadership; near superhuman physiology; genius level mechanic and engineering skills; multi-lingual. 

Darth Vader is a very much feared Sith Lord of the Galactic Empire. He is believed to one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, Force wielder ever in existence. Vader's power of the Force is considerably stronger than even the Jedi Grandmaster Yoda and the Sith Overlord Darth Sidious or Emperor Palpatine combined. Physically imposing at nearly seven feet tall with cybernetic enhanced body, Darth Vader possesses a aura of fear and death to those in his presence. As a master Force wielder, Vader could bend steel or destroy an entire company strength Resistance force single handedly without lifting a finger. At one point he had been observed of bringing down a Resistance battlecruiser with his thought alone and tears it apart like paper. Several blaster shots could be stopped in mid air by him simultaneously and even deflect a particle cannon blast from a battlecruiser with his palm. Vader could read the mind of any sentient beings as well as control such individual thought and action. This ability extends to his capability of technopathy, of which Vader could control machineries, its functions or retrieve data stacks and softwares completely. He also possesses precognitive ability to foresee the path of a near future. Vader carried a master crafted custom lightsaber which he forged personally with blood red light. His martial art skills and swordsmanship are incomparable. Vader could kill or subdue an opponent within single move. He could control his lightsaber via the Force, throwing it at his enemy and guiding it with deadly precision. With his cybernetic enhanced physiology, Vader has a near superhuman physical strength, endurance, speed and agility in addition to his already impressive Force induced abilities. The armour and suit which he wears are essentially a customised non-removable life support system called Armour of Despair. It is composed of ceramic reinforced plasteel alloy over nano carbon weaved uniform and cape. He wears a master crafted helmet known as The Despoiler which are made from the same material as his armour over a mask, The Death Mask. The mask is incorporated with breathing apparatus, auspex and signum systems. He could even survive in the vacuum of space for an unspecified period and protection from harmful cosmic rays or extremely adverse environments. Vader is a skilled fighter pilot at a very young age, capable of executing extraordinary moves and maneuvering paths within his custom TIE Fighter. He holds the highest kill records as a pilot in the entire Empire. As a young child, Vader also demonstrates a genius level aptitude for mechanics and engineering. 
Within the Galactic Empire hierarchy, Darth Vader is one of the highest ranking and senior military officers, directly answerable only to Emperor Palpatine or the Sith Overlord Darth Sidous, who also serves as his master. He is the Lord Commander of the 501st Legion, infamously known as "Vader's Fist". The Legion itself has a terrible reputation for effectively carrying out mass genocide on planetary scale against nations which do not comply with the rules of the Empire. Unlike other lmperial Legions which recruits orphans, the 501st comprises entirely of clone Stormtroopers, whom in themselves are incredibly effective and efficient with absolute loyalty to Darth Vader. Within the Legion there is the Inquisitorius, a secret paramilitary wing tasks with hunting down and executing rebels with extreme prejudice. The Legion is one of the most well equipped army group within the Empire, with its own navy fleet, which include the elite Death's Head Squadron and military ground divisions. Vader's military strategy and insightful tactical knowledges are impressive, leading the 501st to spearhead important military campaigns across the galaxy on behalf of the Empire to bring rogue nations into compliance with success. He is a natural leader, usually leads from the front line, inspiring to his troops but dreaded by his enemies. Otherwise he would coordinates the 501st Legion from his capital ship, The Emperor's Will, from within his command room. The Emperor's Will is a massive ship. It has seven hangars to dock Star Destroyer class ships, bays for TIE Fighters, troop drop pods and carriers for giant war machines such as the AT-AT. It is also equipped with a mega lance cannon, which is capable of destroying a planetoid size object with a single shot and powerful void shield as defence.
Nevertheless, Darth Vader is not always who he is currently. Only three individuals in the entire galaxy knows of his true origin and rise to power. The rest are dead or killed during The Great Purge, a coup which dissolved the Republic and destroyed The Order of the Jedi Knights, mortal enemy of the Siths, leading to the establishment of the Empire.
Before he is Darth Vader, he was known as Anakin Skywalker, born to Shmi Skywalker on the desert planet Tattooine located at the remote Outer Rim Territories. His tale is one of tragedy, ambition and betrayal. According to the late Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, Shmi informed him that Anakin was of virgin birth. As a slave, she didn't have any physical intimacy with anyone but discovered her pregnancy unexpectedly. Initially Shmi feared she was suffering from some form of disease as her stomach grew bigger, only to realise she was carrying a baby when her owner forced Shmi to take a scan because she couldn't work in the scrapyard at Mos Espa. This was the time when the Separatist Force comprising the Trade Federation and Secessionist Movement were about to openly wage war against the Republic. Through a series of incidences, Qui-Gon and his Padawan apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi, together with a young aristocrat, Queen Padme Amidala, were forced to land on the planet to replace the hyperdrive of a royal spacecraft after being attacked by a Sith Apprentice. The Siths were thought to have been extinct for ages. At the scrap dealer yard, Qui-Gon senses the strong presence of the Force within Anakin, then a nine year old boy. Measuring his midichlorians, the readings went off-scale. Qui-Gon immediately informed the Jedi High Council and spoke to Grandmaster Yoda and Jedi Master Mace Windu about his discovery. Grandmaster Yoda concluded that Anakin was a being comprised of midichlorians, born out of the Force. Qui-Gon believed Anakin could be the Chosen One as prophesied in the Jedi ancient texts and scrolls despite Yoda and Windu reservations upon meeting the young boy. The Chosen One's role is to restore balance to the Force, between light and dark. Upon the death of Qui-Gon at the hands of Darth Maul, the Sith Apprentice, whom in turn was killed by Obi-Wan, Anakin was recruited into the Order at Coruscant, the capital of the Republic. He became the Padawan Apprentice of Obi-Wan, who ascended to a Jedi Knight. It was later become more evident that Anakin possessed exceptional learning skill. His mastery of the Force and ways of the Jedi were exponential beyond anyone before. At the age of fourteen, Anakin had built his own first lightsaber said to be master crafted quality. He achieved Form V or Djem So lightsaber martial art technique at this stage as well as Jar' Kai, a method of utilising two lightsabers at once. These abilities and skills made Anakin overconfident, reckless, impatient and willful which later turned into ambition to seek greater power, despite Obi-Wan's efforts to train him as best as he could.
Ten years later, Anakin participated in the Battle of Geonosis against the Separatist Force led by a Sith Lord called Darth Tyrannus or Count Dooku where he proved himself to be an exceptional Jedi warrior. After the victorious battle Anakin professed his love for Amidala and later engaged in a secret relationship. Due to his actions in Geonosis, Anakin ascended to the rank of Jedi Knight while Obi-Wan became a Jedi Master. Later Anakin begins to suffer from visions of his mother's death. He travelled to Tatooine only to be informed that Shmi had been abducted by the Sand People. Anakin went to search for his mother only to find her dead body. In anger, he killed every single Sand People in the area, a massacre. The killings were felt by Yoda. The Grandmaster also began to feel a great disturbance in the Force. Due to the Separatist Force increased military incursions, newly appointed Chancellor Sheev Palpatine petitioned in the Senate for the formation of the Galactic Grand Army of the Republic with clone troopers. Shortly after the Clone Wars began, a terrible galaxy wide war. The Grand Army was led by the Jedi Order. Anakin was conferred the rank of a General, the youngest person to do so, commanding the 3rd Legion. He proven himself to be an able commander with charismatic tactical skills, winning many accolades and commendations. The two years war culminated in the Outer Rim Sieges and the Battle of Coruscant, where Anakin personally confronted and killed Darth Tyrannus and later, Supreme Commander General Grievous, leading to the defeat of the Separatist Force. Anakin ascended to the rank of Jedi Master. He received news from Amidala that she was pregnant. Anakin decided to inform the Jedi High Council about their relationship and decision to withdraw from the Order when he began to be plagued by a series of nightmares involving the death of Amidala during birth. Fearing the same thing could happen to Amidala as his late mother, Anakin became anxious with suspected borderline personality disorder. He found solace in Chancellor Palpatine, who advised him on a method of which one could avert even death. Anakin then realised that Palpatine was the real instigator behind the Clone Wars and a Sith Overlord. But Palpatine succeed in manipulating Anakin's ambition in pursuit of power and latent fear, particular Amidala's safety. He slowly corrupted Anakin, whom later fully succumbed to the dark side. As part of Palpatine's plan, Anakin informed the Council the true nature of the Chancellor. When Windu and three Jedi Masters arrived at Palpatine's office to apprehend him, the Sith Overlord killed all but Windu. The Jedi Champion prevailed over Palpatine and about to deliver the killing blow when he was stabbed from behind by Anakin. Palpatine then unleashed the deadly Doombolt upon Windu, throwing him out from the building to his death. Palpatine then initiated Anakin as his Sith Apprentice, for there can only be two. Darth Maul and Darth Tyrannus were his former apprentices respectively and now Anakin would take their position. Palpatine, who calls himself Darth Sidious, named Anakin as Darth Vader. Palpatine ordered Darth Vader and the 501st Legion to the Jedi Temple where they fought and slaughtered every single Jedi there. Simultaneously, Palpatine executed Order 66 of which the clone troopers turned against their Jedi generals and executed them on the spot. The Jedi Order effectively ceased to exist.The only survivors from The Great Purge were Obi-Wan and Yoda. After the massacre, Darth Vader was sent to Mustafar, the volcanic mining planet where the remaining Separatist Force leaders were killed. Palpatine then announced the New Order, declaring the Jedi Knights as traitors to the Republic, dissolved the Senate and installed himself as the Emperor of the newly found Empire. The Grand Army came under his control, effectively ending the Clone Wars. A heavily pregnant Amidala was determined to find out the truth about Anakin's betrayal and traitorous act. She flew to Mustafar and personally confronted Anakin who offered a twisted reason for his action. When Amidala pleaded Anakin to return back, Anakin attempted to choke her to death in his anger but was stopped in time by Obi-Wan. The Jedi Master and his former Padawan then dueled fiercely to a standstill but Anakin was defeated due to his overconfidence. His limbs were cut off in the ensuing battle by Obi-Wan and as he struggled in his anger to reach out to the Jedi Master, Anakin slid too near the lava and was burnt with fire. He screamed in agonising pain while cursing Obi-Wan in anger and hatred. The Jedi Master was devastated and left the planet as a demoralised man with an unconscious Amidala whom later died while giving birth to a pair of twins. Darth Sidious immediately went to Mustafar to retrieve Anakin who clung to life through sheer force of will, despite being reduced to a near unrecognisable heap of charred flesh and missing his limbs. The Apothecaries droids laboured over the remains of Anakin through seven nights and days. His entire scarred body was encased within a life support body suit and armour while his missing limbs were replaced with cybernetic arms and legs. When he regained conscious on eighth day, the first question he asked Palpatine was Amidala's condition, of which the vile Sith Overlord replied that she was killed by Anakin himself in anger. Darth Vader then screamed out in antagonising anguish, his power crushed every objects in the room while Darth Sidious retreats from harm's way, smiling. Bound to the machine, scarred and perpetually in pain, Anakin became a creature of hate. Yoda and Obi-Wan were the sole remaining Jedi left. Both decided to temporarily retreats into exile with Yoda going to the remote reaches of the Dagobah system and Obi-Wan at Tatooine, watching over the son of Anakin, Luke under the care of his uncle, Owen Lars and his wife, Beru. His daughter, Leia, was handed over to royal house of Alderaan, Bail Organa and his wife.
For the next nineteen years, Darth Vader became the right hand man to the Emperor and primary enforcer. All memories of him as Anakin had all but deeply suppressed and forgotten. Vader gained infamy and reputation as a cold brutal lord commander with zero empathy yet incredibly effective in carrying out any military campaigns on behalf of the Empire. He effectively flushed out many Resistance whom the Empire called Rebels and destroyed them. Millions had died as a result of Vader's genocidal campaign. Together with Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, he overseen the building of the Emperor's Wrath, essentially a planet turned into a weapon of mass destruction. The first victim of the monstrous weapon was Alderaan, which was destroyed in a single blast from the particle cannon which draws its power from a nearby star, in the process killing its entire population of five billion.
Princess Leia Organa, the sole survivor of Alderaan, escaped on a star frigate when she was intercepted by the Imperial Navy in pursuit. The Inquisitorius interrogated her, breaking her mentally and found out that the Resistance had the technical plan which could destroy the Emperor's Wrath, hidden within the droid R2-D2 of which escape pod had crash landed together with another droid, 3-CPO on Tatooine. The 501st Legion was sent to the planet to retrieve the droids. Luke, a young adult by then, obtained the two droids when they are sold to his uncle by the Jawas, He chanced upon a holographic message to Obi-Wan Kenobi, whom he knows as Ben Kenobi the Hermit. When he seeks out Obi-Wan, the latter shared with Luke what happened but withheld the information that Darth Vader is his father, fearing the same fate might fall upon Luke. The 501st Legion located the Jawas, interrogated them before killing them all. At the moisture farm, they killed Owen and Beru before burning down the moisture farm. An anguished Luke cries and screams. Obi-Wan observed that the surrounding sands alleviates. He then trains Luke in the ways of Jedi. During an attempt to rescue Leia by Luke and intergalactic smuggler Hans Solo together with his first mate Chewbacca, Darth Vader confronted Obi-Wan Kenobi once more. His former master held him off to allow the others to escape. Obi-Wan pleaded to Vader to go back to the path of light. Vader laughed sarcastically and engaged Obi-Wan once more but the Sith Lord easily overwhelmed the aging Jedi Master and killed him, thus vindicating his ordeal suffered on Mustafar.
The 501st Legion tracked the Rebels to the planet Yavin 4. Grand Moff Tarkin intended to use the Emperor's Wrath to destroy the planet, vanquishing the Rebel Force once and for all. This resulted in the Battle of Yavin 4 of which the Resistance mounted an all out assault on the Emperor's Wrath with Darth Vader personally led the Death's Head Squadron to defend the superweapon from the Resistance fighters. The Imperial Navy initially prevailed, and the Resistance fighters were unable to fly pass the tight defensive weapons on the surface of the planet when an unknown Resistance pilot succeed in destroying the defence shield. Vader engaged the pilot, whom turned out to be Luke, and was about to shoot him down when a sudden disturbance in the Force distracted him temporarily, allowing Hans Solo to shoot his TIE Fighter, giving Luke a split second moment to shoot the vital core arc-reactor which destroyed the Emperor's Wrath and all its crew, including Tarkin.
The Emperor summoned Vader to his throne room on Coruscant, questioning him on the failure of the campaign. Both agreed that a new threat had emerged, possibly a Jedi or a Force wielder. The Sith Overlord ordered his apprentice to seek out the pilot and kill him at any cost.
When Darth Vader and the Inquisitorius located the Resistance primary base on the ice planet Hoth, he personally sensed the presence of the pilot whom had by then brought down two AT-AT during the assault on the Resistance base by the Imperial Army. Though Luke escaped after the capture of the Resistance base, Vader began to hatch a plan to capture him and his acquaintances at the Cloud City, a Tibanna gas mining colony on the planet Bespin. It was there that he personally confronted Luke. His latent memories begin to emerge but vague. Vader severely injured Luke, whom had not become a full fledge Jedi yet, and cut off his lightsaber holding hand in a one sided combat. The Sith Lord was briefly overwhelmed by disturbance of the Force once more upon seeing the blue sheath lightsaber which once belonged to him when he was still Anakin. Through sheer luck, Luke escaped through an air vent before Vader could strike him down. But when he reflected back on the event, the dark lord could sense that it was him who was hesitant to deliver the killing blow. The Emperor could sense in Darth Vader the emerging conflicting feeling and in a holographic message, reminded him not to show any remorse or mercy for such ways are nothing but weakness. Quietly, Darth Sidious began to feel fear of the coming of the son and daughter of Skywalker.
Two years later, a second superweapon was built by the Empire, called the Imperial Death Star. Unlike the Emperor's Wrath, the Death Star was essentially a planetoid sized mobile space station with a self contained particle cannon. The Resistance, emboldened by their victory during the Battle of Yavin 4, began to make preparations to destroy this new superweapon. Meanwhile Luke, under the instruction of Obi-Wan before his death, had seek out Yoda on Dagobah. Under the Jedi Grandmaster tutelage, Luke became a Jedi Knight. Yoda died shortly from natural causes upon Luke completion of training. Luke became the last Jedi in existence. During the Resistance assault on the Death Star, Luke, Leia, Solo and a contingent of troops made their way to the moon of Endor to disable the void shield station defending the Death Star. At the station, Vader confronted Luke and engaged him in a fierce combat but was confused by the same conflicting feeling he experienced at Bespin and Yavin 4. The young Jedi experience the same feeling and opted to surrender. He sensed in Vader the presence of an unexplainable paternal relationship as well as the existence of light within the mass murdering Sith Lord, believing he could be redeemed. Vader captured and brought Luke before the Emperor himself at the Death Star. Emperor Palpatine was disturbed by Luke's presence. He then revealed to Vader the truth on the fate of Amidala and his twin children. The revelation perplexes both Darth Vader as well as Luke. Darth Sidious said that this would be the final stage to become a full fledge Sith, via the killing of Luke, his own son as well as offering Vader to take the throne with Palpatine as advisor. Vader shown a split second of hesitancy before drawing out his blood red lightsaber. Vader declared that he has no offspring and will tear the Jedi limb to limb in his master's honour. He seek permission from his master to release Luke for a lightsaber duel instead, of which the Emperor agreed. Vader revealed to Luke that the Battle of Endor was actually a ruse to lure out the Rebels in order to annihilate them once and for all. He wanted Luke to see with his own eyes the death of his comrades, friends and sister. Luke could feel a slight degree of redemption within the dark lord subconscious and pleaded with Vader to return back to the path of light. Vader became furious and lashed out at Luke with a mighty Force induced power which could easily flay a normal being and obliterate an object but Luke negated with all his strength. His nose however starts bleeding. Vader then engaged Luke in a brutal lightsaber combat and initially prevailed, toying with the inexperienced young Jedi, inflicting several non-mortal injuries on Luke. However he found himself increasingly being pushed to the fullest extent of his power by Luke. Both eventually fought to a standstill with everything near them being cut and slashed apart. They fought at a speed which normal human eyes would see as blurry, with application of both Force induced powers and lightsaber swords play. Anyone near them would be evaporated by the unleashing of the Force powers. At one point, Luke nearly slash apart Vader's chest but the Sith Lord blocked the lightsaber with his palm merely a few millimeters away as Luke pressed on with all his might. Vader easily pushed, bend and deflected the attack with such strength that Luke was hurled several meters away before landing safely. Luke then used his Force power to direct thousands of debris as shrapnels at Vader whom blocked it with Force shield. The shrapnels punched precisely at Vader with such intensity that sparks crackle with white heated light. With a mighty growl, Vader deflected all shrapnels away but Luke maneuver his lightsaber directly at Vader in split seconds. Vader stopped it mid air but Luke pressed on with all his might. The blue lightsaber inched on slowly with intense pressing pressure until it was about to stab Vader in the stomach when the Sith Lord repulsed it away. Luke succeed in grabbing his lightsaber but the shock wave hit him, causing him internal bleeding, coughing out blood.
The Emperor observed a subtle difference in the young Jedi's combat skills and usage of Force. He came to a realisation that Luke had been trained in the way of the Vaapad or Form VII, an extremely rare form of lightsaber martial art which involved the user skirting dangerously in-between light and dark. Also known as "The Ferocious Form", the only other user of this form was the late Mace Windu and Grandmaster Yoda. It involves unconventional methods and unpredictable styles of combat. Meanwhile the paternal instinct of Vader began to emerge uncontrollably. Luke sensed this and tried to reach out to his father once more but Vader continued the combat with greater intensity than before yet began to suffer from exhaustion having stretched his power to the limit. Vader then said that once he killed Luke, he will seek out Leia and turn her to the dark side. Luke, overwhelmed by sudden anger, unleashed a powerful Force blast so strong that the entire level of the mobile station vibrate. Although Vader negated it, the blast went through his body, cracking his armour and caused internal hemorrhage and cybernetic damages. Yet he stands. Both Vader and Luke begins a battle within the mind. In real world it is only mere seconds but in their minds, both engaged each other in a brutal combat, analysing each others weaknesses, if any. Then with a blinding speed, Vader strikes out at Luke who blocked the first lightsaber strike but as Vader raised his lightsaber aiming at Luke's neck, the young Jedi, eyes closed, blocked  it for the second time. He countered attack and cut off Vader's lightsaber holding right hand. He was about to decapitate the Sith Lord but withheld himself under control once more. Luke also could not bring himself to kill his own father. The Emperor laughed sarcastically and lashed out Doombolt upon Luke whom blocked it with his hands but was overwhelmed, writhing out in pain and then subconsciously calling out to his father. Vader, wheezing with injuries suffered, began to be flooded with past memories of his former self as a once promising Jedi whom had embraced the dark side, allowing his own ambition and craving for power to corrupt him. Vader used every last ounce of his remaining strength to reach out at Darth Sidious, wrapping his left hand on the Sith Overlord's throat and lifted him up. The Emperor tried to scream but no sound came out from his mouth as the Doombolt lashed uncontrollably around them. Vader's cybernetic body began to crackle with sparks and burnt. He snapped Palpatine's neck and threw him out from the window of the throne room into the vacuum of space where the body of Darth Sidious shattered into pieces before the emergency blast shield shutdown and stabilised the escaping air and pressure. After destroying the Emperor's Will capital ship, the Corellian YT-1300 light freighter, the Millennium Falcon piloted by Solo, Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian led the remaining Resistance fighters deep into the Death Star's arc reactor core and destroyed it. As the space station superweapon began to disintegrate, Luke struggled to carry Vader to safety. At the escape pod bay, Vader coughed out bloods and asked Luke to put him down, requesting him to take off the helm and mask. Luke initially refused as doing so would kill Vader but finally relented, having felt that the injuries sustained by Vader were too severe for him to survive. In a temporary moment of calm, Vader saw his own son with his eyes, not through the lenses. He also looked into Luke's memory and seen Leia, his daughter. With tears welling and streaming down his eyes, Vader was no more and the persona of Anakin returned. Through his thought, he reached out to Luke and felt a great burden had been lifted as well as griefed with guilt. And with that, Anakin passed on and his spirit merged into the Force. 
His body was brought to Endor, where under the wish of Luke and Leia, Anakin was burnt on a funeral pyre. Ironically, when years later, Luke read through the scrolls and texts on the Chosen One, he interpreted it as indeed his father was the one whom would bring balance to the Force, but at the cost of countless lives.


Undoubtedly, one of the most iconic and recognisable villains in cinematic history, this is the Hot Toys version of the Sith Lord whom first appeared in 1977, a long, long time ago, at a period far far away, based on the first movie but chronologically the fourth story or Episode 4 called A New Hype, I mean A New Hope in the epic space opera epic, Star Wars (which the third arc has begun, starting with Episode 7, The Force Awakens which frankly, mirrors the second arc storyline but then again no conclusion until Episode 9, which is still far, far away, long long time to go). The figure itself is great, taller than usual 1/6th scale figures, without any assembly unless of course if I wanted to light up the lightsaber of which I need to remove the right arm and replace it with another arm which can slot the batteries, or to activate the voice of Vader, and finally if I want the Interrogator Droid to be beside Vader. The droid is not necessary in my own personal view but it is a bonus. I ain't a diehard Star Wars fan and really dreaded the prequel first three episodes/movies. But how could one ignore Star Wars when everybody was talking about it, regardless whether they are truecore fan or just riding on the popularity bandwagon, so to speak. Star Wars, like Dune, are to me perplexing because I don't understand what the fuss is all about. Yes, admittedly it was a culturally significant movie in terms of special effects and what not but to me, that's about it. I would prefer Bladerunner over it anytime. Anyhoo, I do like the designs and I just couldn't pass on Vader. The mis (interpretation) is based on Wookiepedia and WH40K.  

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

ThreeA - Tomorrow Kings Noname Red Grenades.

As mentioned in previous post, Noname TK did not come with the 4 grenades as mentioned in ThreeA product description. After contacting ThreeA CS, the 'nades finally arrives. 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

ThreeA - Evenfall : Strigoi Astronaut Helmet.

Sometime ago, 3A puts on the Dead Astronaut Gangsta helmet on one of the Strigois during an exhibition. Then some other version of Strigoi comes with the helmet. This leads to forum members wanting one for their first version. So here it is. The helmet. Offered in black or white colors. Curiously, the box states Snow White. Hmm...

Thursday, 3 December 2015

ThreeA - Popbot: Tomorrow Kings Lost Star Warrior Sergeant (Dirty version).

"Do. Or do not. There is no try."
- Yoda, Star Wars.

A (mis) interpretation:

Category type: Mass production replicant.
Model type: The Tomorrow Kings GEN 3.5
Unit type: Storm trooper.
ID: Django Veit.
Affiliation: Neo-Zoroaster Movement; ICG (Independent Countries Group).
Rank: Sergeant, 501st Battalion "Mater's Fist".
Manufacturer: The Luthor Bean Jr. Corporation.
Incept date: 29th April 1998.
Serial no: TKMACG3.529041999LSW.
Longevity: 4 years.
Function: Tactical assault.
Physical level: A.
Mental level: C.
Abilities: Panzer Kunst - anti armour martial arts; superhuman physiology; strategic and tactical knowledge.
Std. armaments: "Kenobi" - monomolecular edged katana x 1; krak grenade x 3; frag grenade x 3; laspistol x 1; lasrifle x 1; helmet x 1; auspex - multi spectrum and scanner x 1; signum - communication device x 1; Ion Cyclotron glove x 2.

1998. Leviathan 1. The Ten Years of Darkness. Within Hatchery 51, the chief biorobotic engineer looks at the latest TK. "Will we be sued by the licensee?," his assistant asks. "Nah. The patents are now a public domain," he replies. "I thought you prefer the other space soap opera?," another assistant adds. "Nope. Puts me to sleep. Now this. Zoo-wee mama. Although the first trilogy chronologically in terms of storyline should be put into a memory hole forever, the Force is strong in this series," replies the Hatchery chief. "Gentlemen," a voice suddenly raises. "Enough about movies and pop cultural references. Are they ready?," the dhampir lord asks. The engineers sit upright as Luthor Bean Jr. inspects the replicants. "Yes sir. Just a little bit of neural map fine tuning and they are good to go for released on the battlefield," replies the chief engineer. "Means they are not ready?," retorts Luthor. "No...just, the neural path needs to re-route to sync with the memories to cushion any un-forseen emergence of emotions. Interloper muta-genes are below the threshold," replies the chief engineer. "Good," says the CEO of the replicant corporation. "I want them battle ready by 0300. Get the ships ready for their deployment to Lady Sham at Albion. There would be three waves. The Dead Astronaut Gangsta has accepted my offer and agrees to assist with helping them reach the surface of that dirt ball." "Yes sir," replies the chief engineer nervously. "But sir, why do we agree to do it? Our gene seeds are already exhausted and the DNA Organ machine is on the edge of total breakdown," says the chief engineer. "Revenues. Without it, we simply don't have the means to fund any further research to rectify the problems we face right now. Ya dig, holmes?" replies Luthor with a wink and a glint of his canine teeth.
The Stormtrooper Tomorrow Kings and Queens are a unique series of replicants. They are specifically engineered for Lady Sham in the Battle of Manchester. The ICG (Independent Countries Group) has agreed to the fee requested by Luthor Bean Jr. Corporation. Unlike the standard TKs or TQs, they are additionally programmed with military knowledge as well strategic and tactical skills. They are organised in accordance to the traditional military hierarchical structure. They take their combat to the heart of the Civic Defence Force and EMGY TRG with blinding speed and deadly precision. The Stormtrooper TKs and TQs are additionally armed with lasrifle, an energy based laser weapon widely used by the Frateris Militia and Frateris Templar of MARSA (Mars Advocate). The lasrifle is easy to produce and maintain. It is extremely reliable when used even in the toughest battlefield environmental conditions and very robust. It emits a high concentration of energy which could hit its target and vapourise it instantaneously in an explosion. It easily shear through armour platings and flesh. The lasrifle could be adjusted for a single burst or multi burst. They are good for up to 100 shots before power packs depletion and replacement. They also have lethality setting that adjust the damage of each shot to conserve energy. The lasrifle could be set to "overcharged", turning it into a explosive device. The resultant explosion could crack open the armour of a Large Martin or Heavy Bramble warbot. However, this tactic is used as a last ditch situation.
The Stormtroopers are also equipped with a laspistol, the pistol version of a lasrifle. It is powered by a miniature power pack placed within the grip. It is usually used in conjunction with close combat weapon such as the katana. The laspistol is specifically intended to allow the user to fire one handed and wield a melee weapon with the other hand. The laspistol is capable of producing the same amount of damage as the lasrifle but has a shorter range. It also lacks the selective fire options, having only the ability to fire single shots. Despite its lack of killing power in comparison with other weaponries, it is easy to manufacture, requires little maintenance, rugged, solid and precise. It can also be used to bludgeon a target and does not overheat. The pistol's battery pack can be charged by exposing them to sunlight, although due to global dimming, the Stormtroopers often throw them into campfire for a few minutes instead. This ensures that the pistol never runs out of ammunition.
Stormtrooper TKs and TQs also tends to operate cohesively very much like an organised military elite unit. They wears helmets, which apart from protecting them against biological and chemical weapons, contains the auspex multi-scanners, auto senses and targeting systems, as well as the signum, a multi-channel communication device which enables each Stormtroopers to pass and share myriad of useful battlefield targeting data and pass that information to their companions, allowing for more accurate and coordinated fire. It also allows them them to strike their foes with deadly and inescapable coordinated precision.
Like all standard TKs or TQs, they also possess superhuman physiology whereby close combat is measured in nano seconds. Here the Stormtroopers are akin to their fellow replicants, using the katana known as "Kenobi" with absolute mastery, cutting down their enemies like a lawnmower over grasses. They also uses krak and frag grenades to punch through armour and obstacles as well as fragmentation explosive to neutralise numerous targets respectively. Their ion cyclotron gloves could punch through armour. 
The most infamous Stormtroopers are the 501st Battalion or "Mater's Fist". Their overall commander is the nefarious TQ, the Dark Lady of Death, Mater. They carry out various missions during the 1000 days Battle of Manchester. Deep strike assaults, reconnaissance, infiltration, sabotage and airborne insertions are just a few of the special missions they are regularly tasked with. Each Stormtrooper is equivalent to a one man assault squad. Curiously, they shown a particular disdain for the Badbots and other droids from the ICG faction.


This is 3A tribute to Star Bores of which the seventh movie by JJ Abrams would be coming soon (of which I am excited cos JJ Abrams did a great job on the reboot first two Star Trek movies). Under the Popbot TK banner line, it initially offered as exclusive in a convention (I forgot), the all white ones. Then for online Bambaland, four variants, two blacks and two whites with orange colourway. Options for "dirty version" or "clean version". I go for the former and white of course. Opinions are divided on the orange colourway but I like it. Comes with a number of weaponries. The figure is OK in terms of QC except for the moveable fingers like EDO. It is weak and pop out frequently while posing. I am so worried it might break at the joint one day if I fiddle with it too much. Otherwise no complain about this one. Fan fiction story taken from WH40K and Star Wars Wiki. Now onto the female TQ version of a certain infamous Sith Lord.