Sunday, 29 December 2013

Chloe and Dylan - Hi-5 Show @ KLPac.



Esther won some competition involving Dumex promotion which get free tickets to attend a live show by High Five children show at KLPac on Friday afternoon. One of the Chloe and Dylan's favourite shows (apart from the "no you're not suppose to watch this" Regular Show, amongst others. Which reminds me to try to ban Cartoon Network from Astro, but man, Regular Show is my favourite too...), took a day off from work and went to KLPac at Sentul West. The last time I went there was like, forever ago. Since we are early (due to my paranoia of the notorious city centre traffic jam), I took the opportunity to have lunch at a dim sum place along Jalan Ipoh. Reasonable price and delicious. Prior to the start of the show, there's an area with green screen for kids to dance to that Dumex song by High Five, which according to Esther, the best talented, chosen kid gets to be the next pre-melt down Justin Bieber. I think I misheard her but somewhere along that line...I think. Chloe and Dylan are too shy to participate but that's fine. Since there's still time we decided to visit the Koi Pond which turns out to be a murky pool of water. There're koi fishes, and a terrapin starring at us suspiciously but I need to have x-ray vision to see them better. Later, while entering the hall, we were somewhat lucky enough to be given place where the sign shows "mosh pit". Ahh, the two words which bring back those memories of body slamming and crowd surfing. But wait a minute, this is High Five right? Not some death metal band from an icy Scandinavian country? Did we go to the wrong place? Just kidding. We were right in front of the stage and both kids enjoyed themselves a lot, dancing and interacting with the High Five guys and gals, as did other lucky winners, their kids, families. Great time.  

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