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ThreeA - Transformers Dark of The Moon : Megatron.

"War is Peace."
"Freedom is Slavery."
"Ignorance is Strength."
- George Orwell, 1984.

A (mis) interpretation:

Category: Non-biological extraterrestrial lifeform.
Name: Megatron.
Alias: Megatronus / The Great Tyrant.
Age: 10,000 cycle.
Rank: Lord Commander / Warmaster. 
Affiliation: Cybertron Imperialis Auxilia - The Decepticons Legion (current).
Height: 35 feet.
Weight: 5.7 tonnes.
Composition: Alternium mimetic poly bio-alloy; outer plating: hyper-hardened ferrum alloy. 
Powerplant: Self-regenerating dark matter reactor core.
Abilities: Transformation; peaked physiology; leadership skill; master strategist, tactician and field commander; master armour martial artist and hand to hand combatant; genius level intelligence; demagogue; cunningness; deception; foresight.
Standard weapons: "Brute Gun" twin barrel fusion blaster x 1 (current); power claw x 1 (current); impaler talons x 1 (current) / various energy, projectile and melee weaponries.
Alternative mode: Mack M915 (LRT) Line-Haul Replacement Tractor (Mack Granite GU713 10-wheeler military ver.) w. M970 fuel tanker (military ver.) semi-trailer - AD 2007 / Various. 
Technical specification:
Strength: 10 / 10.
Intelligence: 10 / 10.
Speed: 10 / 10.
Endurance: 10 / 10.
Rank: 10 / 10.
Courage: 9 / 10.
Firepower: 10 / 10.
Skill: 9 / 10.

Megatron, also known as Megatronus, and commonly referred to as The Great Tyrant, is an exceptionally powerful Cybertronian who rises through the ranks of Cybertron Imperiallis Auxilia as an Iron Captain to become the Lord Commander of the Decepticons Legion. Born shortly upon the end of the Unification War within the hive city of Kaon, Megatron single handedly begins the cataclysmic Cybertron Civil War which consume the planet and renders it into a dead world. Megatron is responsible for countless atrocities and acts of cruelty across the once mighty Cybertron empire spanning across the Eastern Fringe. Kaon is a mining and forge city, known for being the worse place in Cybertron. It is also the capital of the Decepticons Legion, the most powerful military force on Cybertron. Megatron cultivates his survival instinct amongst Kaon populace where the only rule is survival of the strongest and fittest. He possesses a gift of genius level intelligence, and tactical analytical abilities which allows him to create strategies and plans several steps ahead of his opponent seemingly like he can foresee into the future. Megatron is able to elaborate complex plans and schemes, and apply them not only in battle but any other activity involving cunning intellect. He is a sociopath with zero empathy and a megalomaniac with God complex. Megatron believes his race destiny is to subjugate other races thoroughly and only through absolute dominance would peace be achieved as well as securing all form of resources and living space existential for the survival of his own race. He has a violent hatred towards those whom he perceives as weaker, which is very much include everyone, and a xenophobe. Many races are driven to extinction during his rule, giving out orders involving star systems wide genocide and massacre. Megatron is a master of psychological intuition and a very charismatic demagogue, often uses his fiery oratory skill to manipulate and instill deep seated motivation amongst the Decepticons, with leadership skills that command absolute loyalty to him. The sigil of Decepticon is stylised after his likeliness. Megatron can easily adapt to any ever changing situation and turns it into his advantage. Megatron often lead from the front with his army of loyal, elite self hand chosen followers. With an imposing physical presence and gravelly, deep baritone voice, Megatron would instill fear and awe to those around him. He is a master hand to hand combatant with a fighting technique that is rooted in a primal-like brutality. In combat, Megatron would probe his opponent's strength and weaknesses before overwhelming them with torrent of precision strikes. With the exception of Orion Pax, later known as Optimus Prime, the Champion and High Marshal of Frateris Templar, and eventual Chapter Master of the Autobots, no opponents are known have survived any hand to hand combat against Megatron. His only weakness are his arrogance and over-confidence. 
Megatron is known to have used every form of weaponries available but his primary weapon of choice is the fusion blaster. It is a fearsome weapon which agitates the sub-atomic particles of the target, causing a massive built up of heat. Living targets would be completely vapourised and nonliving targets, even the most heavily armoured vehicles and fortifications would be reduced to a molten slag with a blink of an eye from its nuclear powered fusion blast. It has a medium to long range. 
Thus, it is with his recognised abilities and skills that the Cybertron Governing Council appoints Megatron with the highest military ranking as Warmaster to lead the Cybertron Imperiallis Auxilia comprising of countless fleets to sail across the stars under the First Sphere Expansion military campaign due to resources depletion. Lasting 300 standard Earth years, many star systems and races are conquered by the expeditionary fleets under Megatron's command. Those who fights and are defeated would be subjected to planet wide extermination and genocide. Those whom survives are enslaved and sent to labour camps en masse to various conquered worlds for terraformation projects and star harvesting sites. Megatron greatest achievement as the Warmaster is his victory over the mighty Quintesson empire. When the Governing Council announce the end of the First Sphere Expansion, Megatron has successfully conquered the Eastern Fringe and carved out a galactic empire spanning several billion light years across. Megatron ambition and yearn for greater power have extended beyond as mere overall commander of the Cybertron military. His first plan is to purge all Decepticons loyal to the Governing Council in what is known as the Tarn Massacre. He then unites all Chapters loyal to his cause under his banner. He masterminds several assassination attempts upon the twelve Primarchs of the Governing Council, which results in the death of Nexus and Solus Prime, as well as subtly sowing discord amongst the general Cybertronian populace which results in numerous uprisings. Megatron presents before the Governing Council evidences of treason committed by the Autobot Chapter and their Chapter Master, Alpha Trion. His true objective is because Megatron views Alpha Trion as a political threat as the Autobots are the only paramilitary group powerful enough to challenge the Decepticons. The Chapter is declared Excommunicate Traitoris and ordered to dissolve with Alpha Trion and the entire First Company arrested and executed. The surviving members of the Autobots Chapter goes into hiding from the atrocities of the Decepticon Legion Destroyer extermination squads led by First Captain Soundwave. Presenting before the Council, Megatron declares the requirement of Cybertron existing ruling system to be reorganised into a state that can provide stability, and a safe and secure society. The Council he has manipulated and corrupted overwhelmingly applauds Megatron's decision, turning Cybertron into a military totalitarian dictatorship empire. He continues to implement aggressive military expansion plans throughout the galaxy, leading to the Second Sphere Expansion campaign. Megatron also declares Edict of Obliteration upon the Autobots, erasing all their achievements and official records. Megatron's dictatorship and rule is one of the darkest period in Cybertron long history and is widely referred to as The Old Night. He builds the fortress Palace of Thorne at Kaon. Megatron also organises popular gladiatorial like games involving prisoners of war and political enemies to fight to their death. The games serve as a form of control over the population. Atrocities committed under his orders begin to spread, including the infamous incident of which the 63rd Expeditionary Fleet running low on fuel and Megatron orders the expedition Master of the Fleet Starscream to use the newly captured prisoners of one million individuals from a newly subjugated world to be converted as bio-fuel to produce energons. Megatron rules for approximately 10 standard Earth years, a relatively short period by Cybertronian standard, before the Autobots initiate a series of guerilla warfare against him and his regime. Soon these pocket wars begin to evolve to sector size battles and eventually spread throughout the entire planet into a world war. Simultaneously, the Quintessons Hive Fleet begins their incursion directly onto Cybertron space, annihilating Battlefleet Nicor in its entirety and attacks the Ring of Iron first defence line. Megatron is forced to shuffle and spread the Deceptions Legion over several battle fronts. After the Battle of Iacon, the war begins to stagnant and becomes a battle of attrition involving close quarters combat. Every square feet and corridors are intensely fought for by both the Decepticons and Autobots. Every new ground gain would changed hands endlessly. Bodies pile up along the corridors and block pathways which are used as covers by both sides. The entire planet and its hive cities are eventually reduced to burnt out, destroyed wasteland littered with war engines and collapse mega structures. The Dyson Sphere like energy absorption panels which encapsulate the planet are eventually destroyed, depriving the populace of the means to produce energon, leading to mass famine and deprivation of basic needs. 
The war claim billions of lives across planet for the next 50 standard Earth years, pushing the race to the brink of extinction. When Megatron tries to obtain the key to creation of Cybertronian, the archeotech All-Sparks Cube or otherwise known as Vector Sigma, Orion Pax and a group of Autobots take the ancient device with them on board the Ark interstellar cruiser to escape the tyrant. Megatron and his elite chosen army go after them and tries to intercept the Ark onboard the Decepticon capital ship, Apollyon. Megatron successfully done so while travelling mid-warp but at the cost of damaging both ships. Exiting from the warp, the ships crash onto a young, prehistoric Earth. Both ships' passengers are put into stasis lock until AD 1984 when an underwater earthquake awakens the Decepticons. Alert by their enemies presence, the Ark onboard AI, Teletran, awakes the Autobots. Taking the forms of Earth vehicles and devices to hide themselves amongst the humans, they stealthily fight each other while desperately trying to establish communications with Cybertron, thus opening up a new front for the Cybertron Civil War. Eventually the humans come to realise the existence of these extraterrestrial non-biological beings when Megatron and his Decepticons begin to openly fight the Autobots in his relentless quest for the All-Sparks Cube. Alliances and enemies are made with the human race but many nations and its citizens perish in the ensuing war. In the pivotal Battle of Carson City in AD 1991, Megatron leads the Decepticons in a final push and assault against the Autobots. Although he successfully kills Optimus Prime, the Tyrant lost his right arm during combat and part of his face are sheared off and cauterised by the Autobot Captain of the 8th Company, Bumblebee. The Autobots win a pyrrhic victory against the Decepticons who retreat under Lord General Shockwave order on board the Abraxas, a Decepticon battle cruiser. Eventually the Autobots follow suit, leaving Earth to head back to Cybertron, 570 light years away at Lambda Scorpii, in the constellation Scorpius. 
The disfigured and severely injured Megatron is left stranded on Earth. Using a tattered tarp to cover his facial injuries, he eventually replaced his missing right arm and undergoes a slow regeneration process by consuming the sparks and corpses of Autobots and Decepticons alike, as well as scrap metals and other mineral resources while hiding out in the wilderness of Namibia, undertaking the alternative mode of a Mack Granite modified military tanker truck. The local populace speaks of a monstrous iron giant lurking amongst them. Humans whom are brave enough to go hunting down Megatron would never ever return. Burning with vengeance and rage, as of AD 2008, Megatron has gathers various human militant groups to provide him resources to built a Space Bridge in return for assisting them win their political and ideological terrorist wars which eventually escalate into World War Three. As Earth nations collapse with social, economic and ecological destructions around him, Megatron awaits with patience the completion of the Space Bridge in order for him to return back to his homeworld of Cybertron.  


I won't delve into saying anything much about Meg as he is so popular and I am too lazy to lay it all out here. There are also so many versions of him that it is personally mind boggling. The only titular version of Meg for me personally is the G1 version. Now a little bit of personal history with this fella. I never owned the original Meg, even if I have had other Transformers before. After the '86 movie and the end of the series on local channel (RTM or TV3?), I forgotten about the Transformers (and most classic cartoons of those times) and moved on. By early 2000s suddenly the general local toy hobby scene kinda exploded. It reminded me of the local comic scene before it all came crashing down. Anyhoo, I saw Hasbro and Takara Tomy beginning to re-issue those classic G1 line as well as the new ones, Alternators / Binaltech and more importantly, the Masterpiece series starting with the partly die-cast Optimus Prime. However I was never really into it as I slowly gravitate towards the 1/6th scale figures scene. Years later, as I typed this, I have sold off most of my figures. But I find myself getting some really premium (means on the upper scale of the price point) stuffs. Not wallet napalming statues price (think Prime1 Studio stuffs, crazy) but back to Masterpiece series. Not all but the ones I like. Now this is ThreeA Premium Scale, whatever that means, TF Megatron. Previous release was Bumblebee (to a rave review) and coming soon Starscream and Optimus Prime. And it ends there as ThreeA licensing has ended. All four figures based on Bayformers, the Dark of the Moon live action movie series. I could have gotten the exclusive Bambaland version but yet during the drop, I chose not to. Now the bug has bitten me and I ordered this from Toypanic / Toygarden way north in Penang. The difference between retail version and Bamba exclusive is the Matrix of Leadership (which looks like an inch long boomerang) and the tarpaulin, which turns into a tattered looking hood / cowl for Megatron to hide his facial injuries from event occurred in Revenge of the Fallen. Now this hobo version of Megatron is truly my personal favourite - beaten up, rusty and looking mean as heck. Even in the movie, during his first appearance, Meg transformation from a truck into a bot has sparks coming out from scrapping pieces together, showing that he is truly still injured and in process of recovery. Standing at approximately 18.5 inches or 48 cm plus in height, this is a truly huge beast. Both torso and legs are extendable and fortunately, there is no "ThreeA floppy Iron Man torso syndrome". I am not sure what the scale of this figure is because I sucks at math but informations I gotten is that Hollywood Bayformer Meg stands at 35 feet tall. Overall the QC is good except for a few nitpicking, like the right eye is abit disconcerting because the it cuts across the eyeball instead of forming the shape of the eyelet and one of the chain rail holders and a panel actually came off (glue time again). The head couldn't turn sideway due to two panels on the lower end are obstructing it. Typical of ThreeA (or even Threezero, people tends to get confused though the two brands are literally owned or co-owned by one of the partners, just like VTS and Damtoys if I am not mistaken), the paint effect and weathering are as I expected (after all those WWR Robots, it is practically a standard for me to expect great weathering from ThreeA) although there are certain areas which ThreeA factory boys and girls miss couple of spots, in particular the inner panels area. The eyes light up but with tiny glow. The ratchet and ball joints are stiff and nice, with 70 points of articulation although I believe ThreeA taken into consideration those panels, read "not so important" point of articulation as well to boost the number up. Because for all the "70 points of articulation", ThreeA forgotten to add / design arm swivel onto Meg. And though the beast could stand without any need for a figure stand (rumours have it that Starscream would require one. I leave that to be seen), it has a bent posture due to design of the knee joint. As for accessories, Hollywood Meg comes with a "Brute" shotgun and a strip of real metal, nicely weathered chains. And if it's exclusive Bamba version, add a Matrix of Leadership and hobo cowl to it. That's all folks. Now, this Hollywood Meg doesn't transform. Afterall it is based on a movie, as such the CGI transformation cheats big time and if I tell myself, "I'm skipping this 'cause it won't transform" then I would be missing out on something as nice as this. Either I have to stick with normal line or sacrifice details for the alt modes (like the Bumblebee and Starscream MPM series). To complete the look, I took one of the Soviet sniper (DiD Battle of Stalingrad Vasily) cape and use it as his cowl. Never has a figure makes me looking out for haulers and lorries, intensely studying the blue or canvas tarpaulins before. Not sure whether I would permanently use it for Meg as I really like the look of it with grommets which I imagine adds character to the imaginary truck mode with the chains tying around it. But Vasily would not have his gear again as well as the requirement to "weather" it, something which I am not good at. All stories unrelated to TF canon. Thanks to WH40k, TF Wikia, and YouTube video reviews of Optibotimus and toys210. And I can't help looking at it all the time. Spooky. Note that the G1 technical specification of Megs are much different, and lower. His rank and firepower are 10/10, strength, endurance and intelligence are 9/10, courage at 7, skill at 6 and speed at a measly 4. 

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