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Original Effect - Killer Paradise : Rocketeer.

A (mis) interpretation:
Name: Deunan Knute.
Age: 43 years old.
Affiliation: LAPD Metro Division - SWAT Platoon (former); 101st Battalion - United Imperial Americana Army (former); mercenary (former); ESWAT - Olympus Platoon (current).
Abilities: Master military strategist and tactician; weapons specialist; above average martial art combatant; peaked human physiology; master marksmanship; photographic memory; multi-linguists; expert computer hacker.
Armaments: RPG missile launcher x 1; Krag missiles x 4; Krag grenades x 4; Frag grenades x 4; The Blade of Antioch x 1; Glock 19 automatic handgun x 1; Custom CQB-R assault rifle x 1.

Late 22nd Century. Lost Angels City. Zone 8, "Tartaros". Deunan Knute, a formidable ex-SWAT and former Imperial Americana army commander, makes her way to see Erebos, the bellicose and tyrannical gangland leader of the zone. She is a battle hardened veteran of World War Terminus and prior to that a no nonsense SWAT Platoon leader of the LAPD Metro Division. Erebos knows her by reputation and like others, the fat cyborg takes her seriously. Deunan may be a human with no cybernetic augmentation but she possesses martial skills and peaked human physiology that could take out even the most well armed cyborg. In the Minotaur class cyborg heavily guarded office, Deunan asks Erebos the mission that he has in hand for her. Like many others, after the War has left her unemployed and now works as a freelance mercenary. Erebos needs some vaccines for a buyer from the mainland across the San Andreas Gulf. The vaccines could be retrieved from Asklepios, a defunct pharmaceutical company's manufacturing plant but still being heavily guarded by Centaur class cyborgs and war drones. Deunan hates Centaur cyborgs for they are difficult to neutralise, but the reward offers by Erebos is tempting. She and her partner, the cyborg Briareos, are in need of money to make their way to Olympus City for a better life as well as to repair the Hecatonchires System of Briareos which are rapidly deteriorating after being infected with virus.
Deunan is famous for her fiery personality and a tendency to sometimes break rank, yet she is still widely appreciated and respected by her partners and colleagues for her professionalism and acumen. Deunan was trained from age of nine by her late father, Carl Knute, commander of the LAPD SWAT and later a Field Marshal of the United Imperial Americana Army, to be a superlative combatant and skillful strategist.  She joined LAPD SWAT Platoon where she met Marcus Johnson, whom would later become Briareos Hecatonchires. Later they fought together in the 101st Battalion where she is commander of a company. During the winter campaign at the Holy Russian Empire, her father succumbed to the environment and died. Following the supposed death of Marcus Johnson, Deunan lived a life as a private military contractor or mercenary, travelling around the Europa Union and the Balkans, eventually ended up reuniting with Marcus, now known as Briareos during the Battle of New Neu York before settling down at Lost Angels City as nations fell and city states rise. Despite the collapse of the world as she once knew, Deunan held on to her principles and often helps the survivors of the War from emerging numerous oppressors in the form of terrorist groups, warbands and other mercenaries. Her principle is zero negotiation and fight fire with fire.
Having spent much of life dealing with intense battles and firefights, it's no surprise that Deunan is a specialist in weapons handling, explosive device manipulations and master hand to hand combatant. Her mastery in these skills easily surpass both males and females human, and at least equal to Briareos, despite his cybernetic enhancement and ability. A cunning strategist by nature, Deunan is capable of wiping out entire warband or terrorist group of sixteen or more individuals with ease. Even if handicapped with ineffective or insufficient weapons than her enemy at first, she will nearly gain tactical supremacy within ten minutes, applying conventional techniques such as ambush or moves entirely her own such as inverted assault. She has been described as cold, aloof and antagonistic to others, apart from those closest to her, such as Briareos. Deunan is a quick learner, believes to have photographic memory, multi linguist and a perfectionist, traits which driven her to become a formidable opponent. A feminist, Deunan is incredibly independent and a survivor. The post War societal and economic collapse with moral degradation makes her a feared and well known protector and liberator of the oppressed and weak. She possesses great knowledge in computer hacking as well as all areas of information technology. Nevertheless, the effect of the War has driven Deunan to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. After the event of Dies Irae, Deunan is recruited into the ESWAT, the elite special police unit of Olympus, where implants are performed on her in order to pilot the Mars class Landmate, as well as to augment her physiology, such as immunity system to ward off diseases and poisoning. 
Deunan possesses a pendant of which contains the gene seeds of bioroids. The pendant is presented to her by her late father. It is not until Ares, the Aegis class cyborg informed her during the Dies Irae Incident, that she found out the content of the pendant and the potential risk (or benefit) it contains. When she tries to pull Pandora back into consciousness and severe the link to Dies Irae, she founds out that Pandora was actually in total control of the Typhon class Titan, not the other way around. The bioroid shared with her that with or without Ares action, she would still bring pain and death to the world through the Titan, as the bioroid questions the point of her existence as well as other bioroids. Deunan could not stop Pandora from the nihilistic and world annihilation view. She was about to fire a bullet into Pandora until Briareos arrived to stop her, as doing so would allow Pandora's conscious to merge with Dies Irae. Instead Briareos erased her consciousness, causing her to overload, unplugged and replaced her in the cockpit. She is devastated at the supposed sacrificial death of Briareos for the second time when the latter overloads the twelve plasma core reactors of the Titan to self destruct. Nevertheless, Briareos survives and it would be years before they are reunited back in Olympus during the Bioroids Uprising. 


This is an OE figure which uses the much smaller body than their standard lineup. I primarily like this particular figure because of the configurations and weaponries it comes with. As Hot Toys does not come up with a Appleseed Alpha Deunan, which I think they should like what they have done for the Ex Machina movie, I interpreted this figure as Deunan, which of course are way off the real depiction. I tried abit to see if the Ex Machina headsculpt could fit but the neck peg is different altogether. All fan fiction infos derived from WH40K, Appleseed Wikia. 

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