Saturday, 23 January 2016

ThreeA - Adventure Kartel : Tommy Mission And Lil Shadow On The Run 2-Pack.

This set comprise Tommy Mission and Lil Shadow. For Tommy, there is but little, subtle difference between the first version and this, not as much in terms of improvement like Fighting JC. The guyliner is more prominent, the skin tone more thorough, though, the ham fists still remains (which reminds me of a Zomb hand). No more sneakers in the form of a Converse but boots as well as no more AK jacket but a designer looking jacket. Both are nice but in my mind, Tommy is forever that archetype emo kid, with sneaker and the classic AK jacket. There is a rocket launcher but why would Tommy needs such a weapon, hahaha. The Hand of Fate is now a flesh tone severed hand instead of the original GID version. Lil Shadow shrinks, literally. Instead of the first version height, which looks just nice, this version makes her looks like a midget or a kid. The improvement is in the headsculpt which captures the feel of Lil Shadow better. But I wish she would be in the first version size. And the lack of AK jacket also bothers me as well as the dirty, literally caked in dirt original version hahaha.
The QC is OK except for Lil Shadow. Like Oliver Applehair, the arm swivels are loose, the wrist joint is without a swivel ball joint, only a stick, for the lack of better wordings. This stick like thingy is extreme fragile due to either paint lock or too much pressure apply if one were to swap the hand.
I am contemplating whether to let go this set or keep it. 

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