Saturday, 23 January 2016

ThreeA - Popbot : Tomorrow Kings Death Mask Archer And Mort Bambino.

We haunt.
- write up on the box.

Ashita Shinu Koto Wa Arimasen
It is inevitable dying tomorrow.
- write up on the box.

Don't need to shed another tear. But this is goodbye.
- write up on the box.

This is the, I have lost count, Death Mask TKs and TQs of which 3A is now enamored with (instead of quickly wrap up the 7Bones, sigh), starting with the Heavy Slicer Death Mask. This is the Death Mask version of the TK Archer and the Last TK baby. Great QC, very poseable. The headsculpt comes with neck post so I can twist and turn the head instead of the standard TK non-existence neck post. The baby's head can turn easily and pop off. I wonder why it is in a canister. Looks good, if only Death Mask TKs and TQs are made more easily accessible (most are surprise, random drops or convention exclusives). I have sold off the DM Heavy Slicer recently, so it is a matter of time before this one goes too but depends. But it really looks good as I am personally inclined toward TKs or TQs with gritty and dirty feel. The figure also reminds me of The Lone Wolf and Cub manga. But the path to complete the Death Masks line would involves napalming my wallet. Flipperheads on eBay aplenty with Death Mask TKs and TQs. The only issue I have with 3A over this is that one of the four arrows are missing an arrowhead. Facepalm. 

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